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Please I really need your help regarding my unknown pains and worst symptoms that actually make me fear like I will die..


Please You can check out my post from my profile as I have been suffering from different pains from may 15 2017 .. The main thing about this thing is that one thing vanishes another comes by .the two thing never be at the same time but they have been constant every time ... every time


*Abdominal pain for 2 months...Symptoms were constipation’s dairehha indigestion etc . tests like blood test stool test Usg etc fine .... doctors said IBS


*Headaches from back of the skull .Ct scan Mri ... cause unknown ..


*Stomach ache. Symptoms were nausea acid reflux .. poor appetite..burning stomach . TEST Endoscopy clear .... h pylori negative....


*Chest pain left side ... symptoms were coughing fast breathing .... tests chest X-ray ... fine ...


*stomach ache again ... symptoms nausea poor appetite burning stomach ... hungers pains ... acid reflux.. indigestion.. burping with small food ...

Please tell me what actually is with me .... what to do 😣Help me for God sake ..

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Hi Bro, I’m Dee😌 sorry to hear that your experiencing these symptoms and seems like everyone you get a test , always comes out alright has per your doctors. You know what ? The only thing that you can figure it out what is going on with you is that you need to have a complete blood test done I mean COMPLETE!!!

Do not leave from the clinic until you get that done! Also your hemoglobin A1C . Because that is how you can figure it out where are those symptoms coming from. Don’t forget to drink water 8 glass daily to avoid dehydration alright. I hope you feel ok soon and praying helps a lot to feel calm . God Bless.😉

Aamir, reading your record of health problems amazed me - it was an almost identical record to what I went through some years ago and it lasted 3 years.

First the stomach pains and the diagnosis of IBS which of course it wasn't. The nausea and all those tests which found nothing: ultrascan, x-ray, blood tests, ct scan, you name it.

Then me and Google trying to diagnose it, every day a new "diagnosis", everything from gall bladder to stomach wall pain to liver disease to you name it. At times I was very worried just like you are.

In the end I was forced to admit it was all anxiety. Anxiety, the whole anxiety and nothing but the anxiety. A very good friend of ours had died prematurely and quite suddenly a few weeks before my stomach pain started.

I could have gone on pestering my doctor to refer me to a muscular- skeletal specialist but by then I'd lost interest. CT-scans are fairly conclusive, if they say you're fine then fine you are.

Aamir, you have chosen to ask what it is that's wrong with you on the Anxiety Support forum. So I think you've answered your own question yourself. I think deep down you know this is all anxiety.

I think I may have said this to you before so forgive me for saying it again. Something in your life has caused you a lot of worry, stress, disappointment, loss and/or overwork and this has jangled your nerves. If you can identify what triggered your health anxiety then you must be ruthless in neutralising it. You must put yourself first and foremost and act steadfastly to protect yourself from what has been making you ill.

Then you must stop fighting this illness, fighting only causes more tension and stress releasing more fear hormones to irritate your jangled nerves. Instead, stop stressing and obsessing over all these symptoms of anxiety and ACCEPT ALL THE SYMPTOMS FOR THE TIME BEING.

Get on with your life despite the discomfort of your symptoms but ACCEPT THEM COMPLETELY and as calmly and with as little fear as you can. Attach less importance to them. Do this and you eventually stop bombarding your jangled nerves with fear and gradually they recover and all your aches and pains resolve.

That's what happened to me at any rate and I reckon you've got the self same thing I had. One day I just realised I hadn't been obsessing about the aches and pains for some time and they'd gone. They had died of neglect because I stopped stressing about them all the time and accepted them for the moment.

What worked for me will surely work for you, Aamir. Change your view point and you'll recover, I promise you.

I am really confused every time my pain and aches change ... like I had abdominal pain I thought colon cancer ... then headaches and thought brain tumour... them stomach ache thought stomach cancer... then lung cancer ...

and now again stomach ache so again thinking the worst ....

I want to know I had my endoscopy in the first week of December .... and it was clear ... so can the cancer grown within 2 months ... and cause such symptoms....

Aamir, I thought you understood, you don't have stomach cancer you have all the classic symptoms of health anxiety, you had an endoscopy in December, nothing was found. You cannot cure yourself of an illness you don't have so spend your time curing yourself of the illness you do have: health anxiety.

What is then the best thing for this to help me from my anxiety 😞 so I could get rid of this thing 😖 while I was having my chest pains which I thought was lung cancer disappeared when I had a headache which I normally get after a months or two months accompanied with vomiting from since childhood I vomited at the end I saw some blood as I was spitting ... I don’t know whether it was from my gums or any other thing so I kept on thinking that it came from my stomach and I will be having stomach aches now... so the next day when I woke up my chest pain vanished and stomach ache started... from then I never had vomiting...

Only aches burning sometimes nausea sometimes hunger pains and acid reflux

Acceptance for the time being, as outlined in my first reply here. Go to Amazon and buy 'Self help for your nerves' by Claire Weekes (in the U.K.) also titled 'Hope and help for your nerves' (in the U.S.). The book outlines the Acceptance method which has allowed thousands to recover from anxiety disorder.

I had all of these. I started medication after 9 months of trying to conquer anxiety naturally. I can tell you all symptoms left. This affirmed that anxiety can cause an alarming amount of symptoms. I’m not recommending meds just showing how the symptoms can most definitely be from anxiety.

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Which medications did you used for that ??? Were your symptoms constant.... everyday

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I’m on Lexapro daily. My symptoms Consumed me. I started losing friends because I would constantly talk about how I thought things were wrong with me and everyone else knew there wasn’t anything wrong with me. I have been to many many medical specialists to rule everything out. Even going in to get on the medication was a horrible experience of anxiety. But now I can do everything I used to do with hardly any anxiety at all. When I do get it I’m able to use strategies to work through it now because I can see more clearly.

I have had all the same symptoms and more and the only thing that has ever helped them go away has been treating my anxiety.

Yep I went through the exact same thing and more. It's anxiety and it's horrible. You have to push through and try to keep your life as normal as possible and even though the symptoms are god awful and debilitating you need to keep going. I still struggle and I have had it for 4yrs this this year. It consumed me to the point I never left the house and had convinced myself I was dying to the point my hair was falling out, I lost 40kg and was so weak I could hardly get out of bed. Please seek help so you don't end up like I did. I now see a psychologist every month and am back driving but only short distances and I will be going back to work soon. Stay strong xx

I was really sick, joint and muscle pain had a lot of tests and was diagnosed with myalgia Later got Lyme came out positive had to have long treatment to recover.

If you are in an area where Lyme exists, I suggest you to get tested even if you did not see a tick bite.

Agreed on the Lyme. If you can afford it I would also get a panel done to check your vitamin levels. A lot of times lack of certain vitamins can cause anxiety symptoms. Also check into probiotics because having a messed up gut flora can cause anxiety. Cut out sugars and Caffiene.

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