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Pins and needles

My anxiety is kicking in because my right leg is randomly having pins and needles and a small throbbing pain especially my foot. I don't know wether it's a nerve or maybe some type of effect from the start of my period if that's even normal as I've never had that but I'm worried it's a blood clot.

I remember a few years ago I'd get pins and needles in my right foot so bad I couldn't sleep and it happened every night for maybe 3 days then went away and it started after I went on a long walk wearing heels. So I figured it must of been some nerve or something and it never bothered me again.

So could it be just a nerve? Or period or even anxiety? I do have a problem with my disc in my lower back it slipped out before and from time to time it gives me some problem so quite possible it could be from it?

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Have you walked in high heels lately? :-) If that was the catalyst the first time, it might be something to do with a pinched nerve again caused from your recent back issues. Hopefully it will go away very soon like it did previously, but if not, maybe call your doctor and ask for their opinion. If you have it, try and apply a topical pain relief cream to the affected area to see if that helps in the short term. Best of luck!


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