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anxiety pins and needles


I suffered from anxiety a couple of years ago had all the usual headaches dizziness feeling sick etc I never knew why I had anxiety but it just happened anyway. The anxiety symptoms disappeared about two years ago however one symptom that continued was the pins and needles or buzzing or however you want to describe it in my feet and hands. I have them 24/7 and it drives me mad, had all usual tests mri blood etc but nothing shows up just wish somebody could give me an answer to this awful problem.

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I get this in my hands and feet and I am not sure why I do but sometimes I have observed I have been sat funny and I put it down to maybe trapping the nerves or for me it could be circulation as if when I get it in my hands I move them about it starts to go

Sorry I cannot be much more help but wanted to let you know someone had read your post , hopefully as members log on someone will have some kind of reply that can help you more but maybe pushing the Doctor on this one might be the way to go even if they have done certain tests let them know you are still getting it and you want the answers to why

Take Care x


cheers its a weird one and not many people seem to have the same problem. Would just be nice to know if it could be a lingering anxiety thing or something else.


Hey I recently went to the doctors about this I had pins and needless in my arm and leg for 4 days non stop she did a strength test and said it was fine and it was anxiety playing up I don't know why it happens but its horrible 🙈 X


Hey Jessie1989, I'm curious as to know if you're still experiencing the pins and needles? I started having this feeling for 3 days now. Hope to hear back from you.

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Yeh I still get pins and needles not as much now my anxiety has calmed down a lot but I remember the days I had it all day for 4 days!! Anxiety is a night mare 😁 X


Glad to hear that! I guess I was just wondering if it was caused by anxiety and I guess it is. Thanks for your reply back.


been having this for 2 years everyday in feet and hands so wouldn't worry to much about it


Wow 2 years?! Thats a long time. The thing is that Ive been getting them all over my body at times, not just hands and feet.


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