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I recently had a new test at eye dr that sees 80% more than the usual 20% of the retina. He said I have an eye freckle just like a freckle on your skin, nothing to worry about. Of course, I came home & google & scared myself to pieces! I have had health anxiety for years. I am 61, married almost 42 yrs, 3 kids, married in different states & 10 grandchildren. I hope someone else has heard of an eye freckle or has one & can ease my fears. Thanks


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  • Hi there,

    I was told two years ago that I have a freckle in the eye. The optician said it's nothing to worry about and it hasn't caused me any problems over the two years.

  • Thank you. Do they see it everytime. How diid they explain it to you? Were you scared?

  • Yeah they've seen it the two times I've been tested. He just said there is a freckle in your left eye, it's nothing to worry about it won't cause any problems it's just like one on your skin. I wasn't scared because he was very pleasant and said it was ok and as it had been there all my life and I'm 29 now I had no clue it was there only because he said. So yours is probably just the same.

  • How do you know it's been there all your life?

  • They can turn into melanoma, just like a freckle on skin can.

  • Deedee, RachieW has given you the reassurance you need which adds to the reassurance your eye doctor gave when he/she said it was nothing to worry about. So forget about freckles in eyes turning into melanoma, forget about it utterly and completely and give thanks to God you won't beneeding a white cane. So no more stressing about freckles, right! A direct hit by a meteorite from the asteroid belt is much more likely, believe me.

  • Than you!!!!

  • This was picked up in my eye test last year by opticians, i had a follow up at hospital in January, photos taken etc I was there again not that long ago for check up and told it hadn't changed and it had most probably been there since birth.

    They assured me they are very common and not always even picked up at opticians.

    Hope this has eased your mind and you are doing OK. Best wishes!

  • Thank You!!

  • Awww no problem hope you are OK x

  • Yes. Doing better. Thanks to you all!!

  • That's good to hear! 😊

  • They told me it had probably been there all my life and that they see them often and they don't cause any problems. The beauty with them is that you can't catch them like the ones on your skin and they aren't exposed to the same kind of things. I never knew about it before and I was ok so why would it make any difference now. Please try not to stress too much. I'm blessed that I don't have health anxiety but if there was anything to worry about they'd have picked up on it.

  • Glad you don't have health anxiety.

    What kind do you have?

  • I have severe social anxiety and General anxiety disorder as well as depression. So mine affect me differently but still it's an awful Illness for everyone. I hope at least that it's reassured you a little.

  • Yes, but I would like to be able to see it, to see if it changes. That is hard for me.

  • Well if you have regular check ups the Dr will inform you of any changes. They recommended to me that I go yearly just to see if my sight has changed but they re do all the tests so if there was anything else there they'd let you know.

  • It's just the waiting part.

  • I know I understand.. I broke out in a rash a few days ago and while I didn't start panicking over what it was I just couldn't wait to get to a doctor to have it checked out. They've put it down to an anxiety stress rash but the waiting was awful

  • So, why don't you worry about your next eye exam?

  • I guess it's just because I don't have the health anxiety. I've never been bothered by any freckles on my body so I treat the one in my eye the same way. Like i say it isn't exposed to the same risks the ones on your skin are so please try not to worry. It would probably be the least likely to cause you any problems and if there was an issue they'd pick up on it straight away. They can do so much more than they used to do and see so much more.

  • One of the first things I see when I look up eye freckle is colon cancer! Ugh!

  • I had one for 20 years and not a problem

  • On your retina? Still there, right?

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