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Eye test & brain tumours

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When you have an eye test can they see if you have a brain tumour?

I've been worrying myself sick thinking I have a brain tumour and I booked a doctors appointment but that's not until the end of the month. :( I've heard people saying how they found out they had a tumour when they had an eye test.

Should I get an eye test in the meantime, should that be reassuring enough for me if it's all fine?

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i dont know about that but they can tell a lot of things,please get an eye test if you cant see your gp before hand or at least speak to an optician

Yes they can sometimes theres a specific test for it where you have click a button everytime u see a white light . I had my eyes test the other day because I was having vision migraines . Turns out my right is weaker than my left which is giving me sore heads and blurry vision, gets them tested they can tell a lot my anxiety isn't helping tho. Like what makes u think u have one?

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Basically I've always suffered with dizzyness but I was told by the GP that it's jut anxiety, I've had a bit of blurred vision in my right eye and I get bad pain around that area too :(

Oh I feel ur pain; I had the same feeling I did MRI and ct scan and had nothing it's all anxiety... it's been a year and I'm still not over it... it's the worst thing ever

But at least I know that I'm physically good although I have a lot of those symptoms! It's all anxiety

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I hope that's all it is :( my doctors won't send me for an MRI or CT scan because they know I'm a worrier when it comes to my health

Same here I had a very bad headache was dizzy all the time couldn't concentrate on anything i even did an eye exam spent 6 months following up wz doctors and all was good.

Anxiety is the biggest enemy it makes u develop lots of physical symptoms that aren't true and u differently feel them and suffer from them all

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Jayde_96 in reply to Lulu7777

It's crazy I'm always wondering if it really is just anxiety like how can something you think cause so much physical problems. Do you find that there will be times were you feel okay and pretty healthy then suddenly it comes on again?

I suffered for more than 6 months and I was convinced that I have a physical problem I did everything doctors scans diets meditation yoga really everything .. I don't have bad headache anymore since i found out that all my results were fine.. i still get dizzy and feel weak on and off depends on the stress level although I was totally fine and very successful and had no fear what's so ever ! I can't wait to get over all this and I hope I can manage to do that soon

Im taking supplements that helps wz anxiety and depression I can feel the difference but still not over it

What made feel better is that I decided to ignore all those symptoms and move on

I exercise I go out even if I'm tired I try to encourage myself since it's really hard to get support from ppl around u when it comes to anxiety because they simply don't understand what going on...

good luck and try to move on

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