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I really need someone to put my mind at rest or at least tell me if I should do more. In the past 3 and a half months I have had xray, 3-4 blood tests + heart enzymes test, 2 holter monitors (during which I didn't get the flutters I experience, but felt light-headed and dizzy), had a doctor listen to my heart several times, several ECGs (all came back perfect), doctors assure me that it is all based on anxiety but sometimes it happens out of the blue. The flutters happen for a second and make me take a deep breath. One doctor was listening to my heart while I felt smth like that he didn't say anything until I asked if he had heard it. He said it was a begin pvc. So is that enough or I should request an echo or smth?

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  • I had a similar situation.

    and You still have less physical symptomps.

    One day I just felt like I was getting a heart attack, I was rushed to the hospital and doctors were puzzled and convinced that I just experienced a heart attack. I was forced to do an Angiography and ECHO. Both of them were normal. Doctors declared me cardiacally fit, and assured me I am not getting a heart attack anytime soon. Since then, the same thing just keeps happening to me again and again.

    I am not assuring you that nothing is wrong with you, I am just sharing my situation. Be sure of being fit by visiting a doctor. Once you are, just ignore..... :p



  • what exactly can an echo show that the other tests won't detect?

  • An echo is an ultra sound on the heart and will be able to see if your heart is healthy/normal structurally. This is probably the last test heart wise you would need to put your mind at rest if this one comes back normal then you should definitely stop focusing/worrying about heart issues.

    I'm pretty certain you are fine considering the other tests you have done are fine but it won't hurt to do this one too so you can finally stop worrying about it.

  • I started getting sharp pain on the mid/right side of my chest when I breathe that is why I re-focused on it. Should I worry. It kept me up at night yesterday and today it came back during the day

  • I don't think you need to worry. What happens if you take a pain killer? Does it help? Are the pains unbearable?

    We all get pains here and there unless you are on the floor with pain just let it pass. They're you focus on it the more you will feel it and it will persist.

  • you must be in initial stage of your anxiety!!

    We all do this when we are in initial stage of anxiety!!

    Try to focus on breath because we are feeling shortbreathness!!1

    Just dont be alone because whenever you are alone you will try to focus on your breath and it will lead to you so many other disruptive experiences!!1

    Just try to stay engaged with good moments and with good friends or people who make you feel good!!

    this will help you not to focus on your breathing!!!

    And one thing I am also software developer as you are, I know what you will be feeling with this problem!!

  • He is right nansy...

    That would be the last thing you need to do heart wise, once that comes back normal, just sit back and relax with some chips reading other people having issues around here :p

    Lol just kiddin

    Bliss and Bless


  • I'm not a doctor but been there with the chest pains. Anyhow I had 2 doctors tell me usually pains in the right side of the chest are not heart related at all.

    They usually come from muscle strain, sitting wrong, Women usually see the pains more then men because if the extra breast material and monthly cycles, Smoking or being around smokers, a hard sneeze can also set them off. Something else to think about if it hurts in a particular spot when you breathe in. It's probably not heart related at all.

    If you already had your heart checked and got the all clear I would chalk it up to that dang anxiety we all fight.

  • I feel your pain. I also had blood work and ECG done bc I was having these sharp flaring pains up the right side of the middle of my chest, they would shoot up to my shoulders, sometimes I still feel them, but not as bad. Now I'm getting it on the left side, so now I'm always panicked that my heart is failing me. Even have bad chest pain all over my left side. Pains Come And go, Usually Never Really Lasting long. And sometimes it's associated with gas pain. I'm starting to think I have an acid reflux problem or possibly gerd. I'm plan to get checked soon, as I've been told GERD can cause the heart to flutter also. It seemed to flare up the worse just before a menstrual cycle. And took a few weeks to calm down. I noticed most of my flare ups are hormonal based with my menstrual cycle. Keep track. Feel better

  • Hi, just saw your post, when I was looking up my own heart problems. My own problems began in a similar way. I started getting a very rapid heartbeat, and breathlessness, Sometimes I used to feel a bit dizzy and faint. It turned out that I had heart disease that runs in the family. But I have also had a few ecg's done that had come up normal. So if you are at all worried, do not hesitate to go back to your doctor, and insist upon an echo. After my difficulties, I would say that it's best to check it out. If nothing's wrong that's great. And then at least if they find anything you can be treated. I personally wouldn't take the risk of not having it checked out. Best of luck with it xx

  • Hello, I didn't get rapid heart beat, I just got pacs, which were caught on a holter monitor and I was told they were harmless. Plus I don't have any heart diseases in the family, not even heart attacks at old age. I have an echo that I managed to arrange for Wednesday. Just to make sure that it's fine.

    I noticed that I get them mostly when i am nervous.

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