Heart valve leakage

I have been so worried !! Two days ago I went to see my doctor for clearance for surgery. Thinking everything would be just fine and I wanted to get home as soon as possible cause I had a long and wasn't looking forward to sitting in traffic. The doctor said that I had a heart mummer . I told him that I had that for years and it hasn't been a problem. He wanted me sit a wait to do an ultrasound of my heart. I was really annoyed about having to stay longer. 2 hours later I was called into his office and was told that I had two of my heart valves that were leaking . I was so taking back and shocked with what he told me. I said " LEAKING " I didn't ask any questions . I could think after that. As soon as I got home, I picked up the phone and called doctor to ask questions. The office said he had left the office and will not be back for 2 weeks that he was on his vacation.

Is there anyone who has this problem and can tell me if this is serious ? I remember him saying something like - a leak in my aortic heart valve - He did say it was mild. But I just can't get my mind to stop thinking about it.



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  • My grandson was born with a congenital heart disease and he had surgery to save his life on the day he was born and and when he was 8, they inserted a stent in his artery to help the blood get to his heart. Like you, he has a murmur and leaky valves since birth. The doctors are keeping an eye on it and don't feel he needs surgery yet. They want to wait as long as they can since he is only 11. He has had this since birth and hes healthy and active. Since your doctor said it was mild, he might just want to keep an eye on it and see if it gets worse. You could be lucky and nothing ever has to be done. Some signs to watch for is extreme fatigue or your lips will turn blue. If it was serious problem, he would have talked to you about surgery but he said it was mild. My grandson will eventually have to surgery but they want to wait as long as they can. Hopefully when hes at least in his teens. If he has to have surgery now, They will have to do it again as he gets bigger. I hope this helped put you at ease. Take care and continue to live a healthy life.

  • Poor little guy, God bless him. I will think of him when I get worried, and when I say my prayers at night. Thank you Maggie for taking your time and sharing your story about your grandson. I appreciate it. All my best to you.


  • Thank you. He is my hero. He is so strong. He makes me work harder to conquer my anxiety. However, I just wanted you to not worry that your situation was life threatening. It is not. You can lead and active life. The doctor will schedule ultrasounds to monitor your situation and you may never have to do anything about it. It could stay mild for a very long time. Prayers do help and thank you for your prayers for my grandson.

  • He sounds like you're little early angel and his strength inspires you. I have had anxiety my entire life and many , many physical symptoms due to the stress. My anxiety is a hundred times worse now. I wake up every morning scared about what the day is going to bring.. I am always nervous and that brings on so many uncomfortable symptoms.

    I lost my daughter back in 2009, and sense that Tuesday morning in 2009 with my husband waking me up from a sound sleep standing at the age of my bed giving me the news that my beautiful Jen had died… I have never been the same sense. I am over whelmed with sadness and depression and anxiety.

    On Monday when I was told that I had two leaking heart valves I was scared. I assumed my pounding heart and dizziness and always breathless was all from my anxiety. The only reason I was even at the doctors was for clearance an up coming surgery. That's when the doctor informed me that I have two leaking valves one of them the aortic valve . I was stunned with that news and it only produced more anxiety for me. I don't want to leave my son and I am scared. I thank you for sharing your story about your grandson. If you don't mind giving me his name so I can say his name when saying my nightly prayers.

    All my best to you,


  • I am so sorry for your loss. I can't even imagine your sadness. Losing a child, to me, is the worst thing that could happen to a parent. Are you taking any medication to help you cope with your anxiety. I know I would need the help of meds. Anxiety makes everything seem worse than it is. I'm happy that you are still blessed with having your son and husband. I will pray for you on your upcoming surgery. God is always with us to give us strength and love. I believe that is why my anxiety symptoms are not as bad as they used to be. Lol, along with my meds that i take on a as needed basis. Please let me know how your surgery goes. I will definitely be praying for your quick recovery. Thank you again for your prayers for my grandson. His name is Kyle.

  • Hi Jennifer,

    It could be a mitral valve prolapse. I have this. If its mild it's perfectly ok to lead a normal active life. You will just need a yearly ultrasound to make sure it isn't getting worse.

    Please try not to worry, if it was serious your dr would have booked you in with a cardiologist ASAP.

  • Thank you for you're comforting words

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