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Medication for the mind

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I've been thinking a train of thought that all the medication that is for mental health is bullshit.

Doctors have no answer to mental illness so they just fob people off and stick them on pills that turn them into walking zombies who lose all will to live cos it makes them feel like shit.

I used to take Prozac for years before I stopped, yes my depression and anxiety was still there and remains today but I have gotten better everyday on how to handle it.

Medication can cure ills of the body. It cannot and never will cure the ills of the mind.

Only the person looking back at you in the mirror can do that.

Sorry for the long rant. Lying in hospital bed making me go crazy.

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Hugs to u hope u feel better💕

Hi Enzo, what are they saying about your release from there? What's the latest with you buddy?

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No release for sometime,at least a month. Cancer has spread to abdomen, I have to have more surgery.

Jen left me. Don't blame her it's all to much.

Anyways least my anxiety has been good lately.

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Nicki1984 in reply to Hidden

Sorry to hear it has spread x

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Agora1 in reply to Hidden

Enzo, I saw this response after I wrote my first message. That makes medication a different story. This is one of those times that it is necessary in order to allow you to process and deal with what's going on. I'm sorry that you will need another surgery I know how this all seems so overwhelming right now but even with Cancer, it is still one step at a time. The doctors know more about cancer now. There are different avenues for them to take now a days. Stay strong and stay positive. Don't project down the road. Your strength will be drawn from being positive, it's a known fact.

Did Jen leave you or did you leave her? Sometimes when we are ill, we tend to take it out on those around us until they walk away. Whatever the reason, those of us on the forum will see you through this. We may not understand fully what you are going through but pain is pain whether emotional or physical.

Enzo, my thoughts are with you. Anytime you need friends, you need look no further than the forum. We are all just a message away.

Oh no that's awful. The last post I recall seeing from you, you were waiting to see if it had spread. I'm sorry to hear that.

I'm sorry to hear about your break up too. She must be devastated about the situation. Difficult time but at a time you need her the most. Maybe you guys can sort things out down the line.

Do you get hospital visits from family/friends?

Enzo22, I have to agree with you on that train of thought. There comes a time to take medication as a short bridge while you learn other ways to get around anxiety/depression. You're right it that is doesn't cure the ills of the mind just numbs you. Underneath you know it's still there.

Making a person function on medication has always been a trial and error process and continues to be. The idea with anxiety and depression is being able to function. For me, it was the person in the mirror that saved me.

I just saw that you have another response.. Take care Enzo

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