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brain tumour - health anxiety

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okay so as i am writing this, i am balling my eyes out for the 4th time tonight as i am totally now convinced i have a brain tumour. I've been having too many headaches that it's taken me over the edge now, convinced it's a brain tumour and i am just balling. I am so worried, upset, fed up, all of it. i dont know what to do

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Worries about brain tumours are one of the commonest with health anxiety. There is someone virtually every day posts with this.

The typical tumour headaches are worse at night, on straining and usually associated with a neurological problem eg weakness of a limb etc.

It sounds like you need to see a doctor to discuss, but most likely this is all due to your anxiety and you're winding yourself up into a panic

Miasouth4, on your first posting on this forum a while back you say that your headaches started after reading something about about brain tumours on the Internet. If that is so then it's pretty obvious that your headaches are from self-induced worry and anxiety. So dry your eyes and relax your thoughts, I would say that right now there's more chance of your home being hit by an asteroid than of you having a brain tumour.

But for your own reassurance you must go and see your doctor as soon aspossible and tell them frankly of your worries. Ask if there is a test that you could have that would set your mind at rest.

You are just going through a rough patch of health anxiety and your doctor's reassurance will be a great comfort to you.

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yes, thank you. It would be reassuring to see a doctor. It also isnt helping when i have my own mother constantly yelling at me for having these attacks like it's my fault. And that if it was "just normal anxiety" (whatever the hell that's supposed to mean) that she would accept it. It doesn't feel good to be told things constantly like that. But thanks for your help

A quick ct scan of your brain will tell them. It's painless. The more you dwell on it the worse it's going to be.

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miasouth4 in reply to Btdoffing

i know, the problem is i cant just get one whenever i feel like it :/

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Btdoffing in reply to miasouth4

What I did was went into the er and complained of bad headaches/tingling feeling on my head. They did one right there. Granted with no insurance it's going to cost you big in the long run.

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