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I've been suffering with generalized anxiety since I was 15 but I started experiencing full blown panic in January. I became a functioning agoraphobic and let fear rule my life. After losing my job and nearly losing my apartment I decided enough was just that. I am a single parent with little support from family and no support from the fathers. In May I forced myself through a 2.5 hour meeting with a full blown panic attack. A couple of days later I forced myself to eat out in public and regained some confidence. Later that week I drove an unusual route and have been "daring" myself daily since. I still have my symptoms and still frequent doctors when I feel the absolute need but I refuse to continue living in fear. Since June, I have driven to my mothers house in the country, which is 1 hour away and far from a hospital three times, I have driven to Chicago which is a three hour drive to pick up my son, I have been to five interviews with minimal symptoms, and am feeling very confident in the future. I have faith that this will be over soon. I was recently diagnosed as deficient in vitamin d which can cause all of my symptoms including; dizziness, low immune system, muscle spasms, brain fog, fatigue, breathing difficulties and allergies. This makes me feel better because now I know there is a real issue and it's not in my head as many doctors have suggested. My issue now is taking the supplements as I have a fear of medication. Once I surpass this obstacle I think I will be limitless. I hope and pray all of you can find some closure soon!

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Congrats Julie! You're definitely on the right track. What you are going through is not easy and you should reward yoursef for being so resilient. Supplements are a good start. What's better is incorporating lots and lots of vegetables and fruits into your diet. Take a break for 20 minutes and expose yourself to the sun. That's by far best way to get vitamin d and the process can give you some additional relaxation. I know Chicago area does not get much sun in the winter so supplement is the next best thing. Keep on plowing! You know the end of anxiety is just around the corner! Good luck!


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