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Hey Guys so I went to the ER for 2 things today. The usual shortness of breath which turned out to be bronchitis and a lump I had on my tailbone that I had for about 4 weeks now which turned out to be a cyst. My question is was anybody ever given an oxygen mask? I was given an oxygen mask and after it seemed like My chest got so tight. Anyways I was given an inhaler and antibiotics. I just used the inhaler and it seemed to help a little. I also just drank maalox. Anybody else have this issue? I don't smoke or anything.


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  • An inhaler should help the breathing issues, esp. along with antibiotics. Normally oxygen is given with the "nose pieces". The only time I was handed a mask was in surgery just before they were going to put me out. In the "old days" that is the only way they administered oxygen. I hope you feel better soon.

  • Oh okay I see. Thank You. I'm going to keep the inhaler close by, not too fond of it tho lol.

  • I have never mastered inhalers lol I guess I'm afraid to suck something into my lungs even if it is helpful. I never smoked so hard to get used to it. I hope it helps you. Yes, carry it with you or have it near by in case you get into a coughing jag.

  • I'm the same way lol and I don't believe I have bronchitis... I don't even have a cough. I think they just wanted me to get out of there lol

  • gosh most with bronchitis have a cough....my friend gets bouts of it and coughs non stop. I have heard many others say ER or walk in clinics have no clue re anxiety disorders or what to give you

  • Very true!

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