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Worried about an anxious friend

A pretty close friend of mine unloaded on me recently that she's been feeling overwhelmed and depressed about the way her life is going. A lot of it has to do with her job situation-- she graduated summa cum laude with a business degree, hoping to start a job in the Department of Defense, but due to petty office politics her application was rejected by her branch. Now she tells me that she barely has enough energy to keep her house clean, and she just feels hopeless and panicky and like she's a burden on everyone.

I've talked to her about maybe seeking some help, but unfortunately there's a slight risk that if she does eventually get the job at DoD she will be uneligible for security clearance due to having seen a mental health professional, so naturally she's afraid to go that route.

Would anyone have advice? I just feel so helpless-- she's completely changed in personality from how she was a few months ago, and all I want is for her to be happy with her life again.

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An update-- she's decided that her mental health is far more important than the risk of a revoked security clearance and has signed up to see a therapist. Words can't describe how happy and proud I am of her and I really hope therapy works out for her!


lady_peaseblossom....I am so happy for your friend as well. She made the right choice. I wish her well with her upcoming therapy. And to you lady, you certainly are more than a good friend. My best to both of you. x

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Thank you so much for your well-wishes! The demons were actually pretty bad for her last night so she checked herself into a crisis clinic, but she's doing much better now. They're going to get her started on anti-anxiety medication right away, which is great news because she would've had to wait two weeks to see a therapist.

I'm still worried about the initial adjustment process since she's already at a very low point, but the fact that she took steps to better herself is very encouraging, and I plan on being there for her for as long as she needs me. This is very encouraging and I have high hopes. It'll be good to have my friend back. :)

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