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Super Anxious about my Heart!!

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I'm 17 years old and I supposedly have anxiety. My chest pain and nausea and shortness of breath seem unreal it's so bad. My parents and my friends and doctor and my counselor say it's just anxiety/stress, but I can't get the words "heart attack" out of my head. I feel like I could just die any second, and I don't know what to do.. Any advice?

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Hello sorry to hear how you are feeling. We can all relate to how you are feeling so try, if you can to stop worrying.

Hope you feel better soon x

Stop worrying and get on with life. The sooner you do this the better you will feel.

Listen to what your health-care professionals have told you ... you're fine. There's NOTHING wrong with you physically. Your obsessive thought patterns need to be addressed.

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Easier said than done though to just stop worrying!!

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Tell me something I don't alreay know?

At some point in time, as hard as it is, people need to at least try taking stock of what more than one health-care professional is telling them regarding their health particularly if a full physical was undertaken and there is no history of heart disease in the family.

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Oh right!!! It's all part of anxiety thinking something is wrong. Your replies at times seem a bit cold.

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I have no interest in getting in a shit fight with you on a forum designed to reduce anxiety and not increase it.

Not sure which replies have been "cold"? It would've been wise to cite an example along with your statement so that I could have addressed it.

If you're referring to this particular question, then understand there's a reason for that. This young person has asked the same question under another profile name five days' ago. How many more profiles do you think it's going to take before he starts to slowly belive that physically he's okay? Ditto in terms of friends, doctors, counsellors. My guess is that it's going to take LOTS which is why his obsessive thoughts need to be nipped in the bud ... right now.

If you have children then you will know that one approach does not fit all situations all of the time.

Anything else you want to say to me then extend me, yourself and the people here, the courtesy of messaging me privately.

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Jeez calm down... "shit fight" ?? You sound a right charmer. Nothing else to add.

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Ditto, and then some sweetheart.

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Yes indeed ☺

You're 17 years old hun I would swap my physical heath for yours any day of the week, I'd love to be 17 again everything health wise is far better, relax and try not to worry because the worry is creating you're symptoms and therefore more worry and so on

All I know is that was me at your age! So now I'm 41 and still having issues but worse. So yes addressing your thoughts sooner than later is a good idea!!! I know how you feel and am sorry cause I feel the same way!!! Prayers and hugs!!!!💛💛💛💛💛

I have been there and I still battle with it no matter how many Dr's I have been to I'll tell you what people tell me continue to tell yourself that you are OK you need some support whether it's your family or friends mine is my mom once I hear her tell me I am OK I believe it but we need to get it in our own heads that it's true find something you like to do to keep your mind busy it's helps I know it's easier said than done trust me I've been struggling for about 4 years but we have to get through I know we can

log16: please see respones to a profile under the name of lo2016 from five days' ago - also a 17 year old like you and also having the same concerns you're having. Cheers.

When I was 18 I had a bad panic attack at a party and my boyfriend at the time took me to the ER. I had a chest x-ray and the doctor told me I had been hyperventilating and that was all it was. I totally understand how difficult it is to believe but the key here is that you had a health professional examine you and confirm that you're healthy. That helped me a bit because I was able to tell myself, I've been examined and I'm healthy and my chances of having a heart attack, etc at 18 are super low. The other thing that helped me was to breathe slower. The doctor told me to breathe in, count to 5 slowly, and then breathe out, and repeat until I feel calmer. This was for hyperventilation but it sounds like you might be doing that too if you have shortness of breath. I hope this helps a little bit!

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