Super worried !

This has been going on for a month now,and I've been to a doctor a surgeon and now going to gastro doc on Friday . The only thing they have done is an internal manual check and blood test and said the blood in my stool must be from internal hemroids , because my last colonoscopy was 3 years ago and was only found hemroids and diverticulosis . I know when my hemroids are acting up , and they are not. And d everyday every bowel movement has some blood in and out of it. Now I'm going to gastro on Friday and I'm shaky scared and crying all day , I feel I have had this so long and no one felt anything g was wrong. Please help


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  • Lynl, even with blood in your stools the chances of it being cancer are still very small. Of course you'll be concerned until you get the all clear but there's no need to obsess about it. I presume that your gastro appointment will result in an internal examination, if not indist on it as you won't be completely reassured until you do. So chin up and dry your eyes and stop second guessing what the cause is, only doctors who have been to medical school for 5 years are qualified to judge.

  • Thank you, I'm trying . My blood work showed all good so wouldn't that mean no infection? Also if it's not an infection in my mind starts thinking it's something bad

  • Lynl, there are all sorts of reasons why there fould be some bleeding in your bowels and infection and cancer are only two of them and I say again the chances of it being the latter are small. We've all been on tenterhooks waiting for the results of things that could be serious, you are not alone in that, just carry on as normal and think positively.

  • I'm trying ,,I go to work , exersize, go everywhere and still try to eat fun person , and as do as those what ifs enter my mind , I break down

  • Lynl, you have the inner strength to get you through these difficult few days, just a few more days and you will have the answers you need, but don't underestimate the instinct doctors have to know when something is serious based on their experience with hundreds of patients and their years of training.

  • My one doctor told me she was going to meet with me and the gastro doctor on Friday ! I just got the message and wondering if she changed her mind on her thoughts of this last month

  • Don't read anything into it, it's just the two different doctors giving you their combined attention. By the way, in the last line of my last post to you what I meant to say was 'don't underestimate the instinct doctors have to know when something is serious or not serious based on their experience with hundreds of patients and their years of training.'

  • I have Diverticular disease, and Haemeroids! had a bad week got out of hospital on 13th of this month, I was also worried Cancer etc etc etc ! or perhaps even a flare up of the dreaded Diverticular disease ! It was Neither it Turns out to be Chrones which is pretty easily manageable according to the Consultant! I think when you have PTSD or Depression it makes the Physical Symptoms of Medical problems seem even scarier and we think the worst! What we should do is write down the symptoms and let the DR or Consultant read them as because we worry we forget to state something here and there,so they dont get the full picture! I believe DRs and Consultants do a really good job most of the time and go that extra yard to make sure they have got it right ! so try not to worry too much as it will make you feel worse1

  • Thank you

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