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cant take it

cant take it

iam trying to stay strong but the regret is killing me i wish i never gave up on my flat i wish i was stronger and i should have fixed things not give up when the kids got took in to care feeling of regret is getting to much i dont know what to do it dont help i have to walk by my old flat to get to my mums and other places iam trying to be strong but iam only human iam going to have my bad days too anxiety was playing up yesterday and its been affecting me today i only can be strong for so long until things put me down all over again its just worry after worry i still dont know whats going to happen after my baby is born due date is only getting closer iam 37 weeks its to much to take its to much going on at ones ... its getting to much for me

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Hi glitterangel03, we all have regrets in life. We should of, could of, but at the time that's all we knew. I too have to pass by the house I once lived in when things were better in my life. But if I lived there now, would it change anything. Probably not.. With you being so close to due date, I'm sure hormones play into your feelings and worries. With the court date coming up, that is a lot going on at once. However, try not to let this overwhelm you. You need to conserve you energy for the birth of your new little one.

Are you still doing okay with the support of your bf? You need to share some of this burden on your shoulders. Using the forum can be another outlet for you. I wish the best for you.

Sending you hugs, Agora1 x


Thank u my bf is still sporting me and my mum too with all of this but as everything is getting closer its just getting harder I feel the strength in me wanting to come out but things end up taking over

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I'm happy to hear that you have support around you and that you are not alone in dealing with everything happening. Like the old cliché, take one day at a time. That is all you can do to not get overwhelmed. First things first, try not to project down the road. I hope you are using some meditation and deep breathing which will help a lot in getting you through each day. x


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