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I cant take no more..

I have horrible symptoms i dont feel like its anxiety at all im 28 and i feel 79 i have pains n aches all day n just feel nauseated 247 i had to ekgs blood work twice ct head scan blood sugar checked ..i have terrible head pain i feel dizzy all the time i dont feel like doing anything i have no energy i feel like im hyperglycemic if i dont eat i shake in my sleep or feel faint dizzy.. i over all just feel horrible like im dieing im so tired of not getting no answers..

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Hi Panicdoll,

Hang in there! It's just anxiety. I have been stricken with anxiety, panic and depression for 20 years. Its been extremely bad this year m I've had every symptom known to man including those that you are having. You are not dying, although it may feel like it. Just breathe and pray. It will pass. You have to force yourself to get up and get out, eat, try to get some sleep and you will start feeling better. Blessings to you my friend!


It sounds like anxiety to me. It's horrible what it does to the body. There's so many symptoms. I was on anxiety centre it lists things I never knew anxiety did. Feel better. Are you on medication? It will help.

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Hi dear.You`ve said that you fell unwell everyday for different reasons.I don`t have a clear idea what the diagnosis of your tests might say,have you asked your GP about that?Sometimes we create an issue before knowing that exist in reality.It seems to me that you`re thinking of having some kind of illnesses and seeing negative effects on your body,but could be anxiety and hypochondria( the fear of having terrible illnesses).When you`re saying that you feel so tired and seems that you`re going to die and having no answer...well you`ve an answer...you`ve found the strength to write in this site and you`re not died.I think maybe you need to explain all these symptoms to your GP for let him know what could be the right treatment for you,maybe some CBT can soothe your symptoms.Take care


Have you had your B12 levels tested - not a standard area of investigation and not helped by fact that the test itself isn't particularly accurate but may be worth looking into

list of symptoms available on the PAS website.


B12 deficiency isn't an anaemia - that's one of the consequences but it really isn't well known among GPS/there are a lot of misconceptions about it - including that you can't have B12D if you come up with a result in the 'normal' range. In Japan a result below 500 is treatable. In UK you need to be below 150-200.

If you do get the test done then ask for the results and post them on the PAS forum on health unlocked.


Hello it is my first post here.. I have suffered with anxiety all my life and it is awful .. but you can come through it.. I cannot emphasise enough some books I got from the late Dr Claire Weeks.. I got them many years ago when I had a breakdown and they have helped me all my life.. look them up on Amazon she not only explains why we land up feeling like we do but goes on to tell you how to move through it to peace.. hope this has helped and remember you are not alone x


I hope you are feeling better. What ever is happening is very real and does not seem fair. I agree have your b12 checked and also a Lyme disease and co infection test. It can't hurt. I wish you much comfort and relief. Faith is a huge help for me.


I have felt like that a lot of times and I have ptsd. It effects your body more that you think- I think that the cause of me feeling like that sometimes. What else has happened?


Yes i have the hunger dizziness weird spaced out and tired feelings too. Anxiety is a bitch its only when you have it that you learn how many ways it can affect us.


Thank you everyone im teying really hard to work threw this nightmare...i just keep praying things get better.


Please don't give up. See a therapist and be honest with your thoughts. Dearest Panicdoll, you are not alone. Something is causing your anxiety; you need to find out what...a therapist can help. Praying for you.


I agree with Gambit62. Your symptoms look a lot like nutritional deficiency, in particular B12 deficiency. I know my reply is 4 years late so I hope you are better now. Please supplement just in case.


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