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Sorry so many of you are feeling like shit,I am pretty ok again,about to make a big decision very soon.No,not what to have for my tea but about my future long term and I need to get it right.

Before that though I have to have an operation,tomorrow,yes tomorrow,no, not a sex change,enlargement or reduction but a proper operation which is quite important.So,if everything works out and I don't get killed to death or worse,I can put my plan into action.

I have decided that I am going to become a counsellor,it is my vocation,6 weeks ago I did not know this,I now do.My life has changed dramatically recently,I was simply plodding along prior to my breakdown and that's what it was,a complete breakdown.I'm glad it happened,I see things differently,I no longer judge,I have been given this opportunity which I will grasp.

I plan to keep blogging and keep you informed as I believe it can benefit everyone.

P.S.If I don't make it through my operation,I am gonna haunt each and everyone of you Bar Stewards and no,I will not give you the lottery numbers!!

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Councellor, sounds great,

I'd like to do something to help people when I feel I'm totally cured.

Wish you well in the op.




You will be sorry if you haunt me....hahah I will send you round the bend !!!

Good luck with all that..and I agree I'm totally different now, compassionate, and non judgemental..just need to get myself out of the bedroom more...:)



Lol, I know the feeling. I love my nest xxx


You can't polish a turd either, I tried with my ex lol, ohhh sing if your glad to be gay .... Lol xxx


Good luck with your op Castle , hope all goes well & you are not going to be missing for long

There may be some nice nurses to make things seem a little better , I am sure if there is you will find them ;-)

Great idea about counselling , will this involve you cross dressing at anytime , I am sure it would make your patients smile :-)

Keep us updated how things go , but don't try while they are doing the op , they may not be impressed if you do :-/



I meant having the op not doing , I don't think even you would do your own op Castle or maybe ? :-D


Good luck castel hope all goes well with the op and I think a good counsellor needs to have experienced anxiety/depression to be really effective so you will be great.... Go for it xx ps I hope I've finished my journey by the time you are qualified but if not can you do "mates rates" pleeease big hugs xx


you come up with some seriously random but very funny titles!!!!! good luck with the op im sure you will be fine and i think the councellor is a great idea. x


Fantastic............. I felt like that when I re-trained as a beauty therapist in my early 30's...... thats now 13 years ago since I qualified and I remembered today why I love my job so much and why finding your vocation is a fantastic thing................. It never feels like going to many people are lucky enough to say that............ So Good Luck

And good luck tomorrow with the op.... Im sure it will all be fine..........



Good Luck with the operation hope all goes well and the Counselling sounds fantastic.

God Bless

Love Seyi xxx


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