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Anxiety and Loss of Appetite


I've never considered myself to suffer with anxiety, even though as a child I had issues with it. Recently I started my first job, and mentally I feel in control, but my body is showing the stress of anxiety. Lately I have no appetite and the thought of food makes me sick. I feel nauseated and I have diarrhea. This has been going on for about 3 weeks. I don't know how to solve it and I'm terrified of vomitting which makes me want to eat even less.

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First step I would say is go see a doctor..... feeling nauseous, diarrhea and not eating for 3 weeks is not good. Doctor will most probably do some routine tests, bloods etc and will also be able to give you something for the nauseousness and diarrhea. I'm sure he/she will also advise on diet and possible supplements. I know you can get those liquids, milkshakes, soups and juices that have all the vitamins and minerals etc the body needs.

You also need to discuss your anxiety , however, perhaps get the above sorted first.

Good luck


Maybe try some Imodium to get a break from the diarrhoea. Anxiety and it's symptoms are a vicious cycle and one you need to try and break. Try different breathing exercises to allow your body to relax more deeply. Belly breathing helps breathing in through abdomen and rising to chest and when breathing out push down chest and down to belly pushing out belly. Hope that makes sense. Try having more focus on your outward breath too slowly and long breaths out. Try some meditation, essential oils and salts in bath. Good luck x

I am the same way how do i stop it i cry evreyday i get a pulse of 103 i feel dizzy faint futige sharp pains in my chest i go places i cant breath when walking around i cant be normal any more its killing me idk what to do ive been to the hospital my bloods fine they say im ok its just Anxiety and i can control it i cant my heart papuations come when they want and i have no control over that

Definitely sounds like anxiety. I had the same when I started with my anxiety. It was difficult to eat but i HIGHLY recommend you try eating anything. The pain from an empty stomach will create more anxiety and then it will just snow ball.

Im not sure where you live or this is allowed where you are, but I do partake in cannabis which helps get an appetite. Of course, not for everyone BUT I can honestly say it has helped in not only the eating but also being more relaxed.

I never took meds because I was afraid to. So my Faith, God, Jesus are my number one that has got me through it, but also CBT, mindfulness, breathing techniques, AND cannabis have helped me tremendously.

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