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don't let anxiety take control


because your always on alert u see the symptoms you get because you get really freaky symptoms they scare you because they happen 'out of the blue' but what it is is because your so focused on these symptoms they keep happening.. lets say u have anxiety tablets.. at first because your brain is not used to them ur symptoms get worse because its all about getting 'used to'.. that's what anxiety is all about.. what makes it worse if you have anxiety for months or years if u try to stop it its hard because your so 'used to it' get it? that's what I realised my anxiety dosent bother me THAT much anymore sometimes still get anxious nowhere near as much tho.. if anything anxiety has made me a better person.. I have tachycardia, arrhythmia, anxiety and depression but I know if u trust yourself anything is possible... I get flutters and palpitations all the time they scare me because they are going to obviously but I know its nothing serious.. everything happens for a reason :) keep your head up but there is light at end of the tunnel try eating healthy, exercise, drink lots of water but not to much avoid alcohol and smoking (even weed if possible) that can make u anxious because the elevated heart rate just believe in youself!!!!

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