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Let's lists the positives that come from our Anxiety!


1) because I can rarely remember what day it is, I don't know what date when checking expiry dates so use sight/smell to judge things like milk and veg, less waste!

2) I am much more sympathetic to others

3) I recognise when I get angry and stressed, and try and stop that.

What about yours?

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Ive learnt who my true friends are.

Oh and i found out in time what a complete %$#@ my ex was :)


It has taught me to be closer with people and not to be afraid of going out in public or making a new friend. It has shown me how much inner strength I have and how vulnerable I can be and still wake up everyday and carry on through the pain. Resilience.

I agree with all your points. I'm interesting in hearing if anyone sometimes feels the way I do, basically being more aware of how "mental" a lot of "healthy" people are because they've never had to deal with certain things in the mind.

Positive and thankful are two words that go together - we should try and find 3 things to be thankful for each day, no matter how small :)

Yes i noticed I’m a lot more empathetic towards ppl, I definitely am a lot more careful in the tasks I do because I don’t want to rush or frustrate myself . Hmmmm...I’ve changed my diet to benefit my anxiety but it’s been helping in other areas for me. I meditate more and that also benefits areas other than anxiety.

1) I found out who my true friends were

2) I’ve gotten out of a very unhealthy relationship

3) I’m not focused on being in a relationship as much as I used to be. I need to just take care of my 2 children and myself

4) I’ve learned to take things one day at a time

5) I’m learning to not focus on my past and to make my future GREAT!

6) I’ve finally realized after years of abusing my meds, that I had a problem and the meds were actually hurting me more than helping me. Even when taken as prescribed. I turned into a whole different person. It made me numb and ‘not care’..& I thought that was a good thing since I wasn’t crying everyday, but it took me to hit rock bottom to see I was wrong.

seaShelly in reply to SimplyMe87

I love your list. You seem really positive 😊👍

Great topic!

1) I've learned a ton about the brain and how the mind works. I guess this has been educational 📚

2) It made me recognize that you never really know what someone is going through, and although I didn't think I was terribly judgmental before, I'm even more understanding and open minded now.

3) it makes me very detail oriented and more organized since I triple check things lol 🤣

This is something I’ve at no point in the last 2 years even thought about, but there’s actually quite a few!

1: I’ve saved a RIDICULOUS amount of money from not going to gigs/ random nights/ days out every week! This has allowed me to focus more on upgrading and maintaining all my music production/ guitar equipment, which is wonderful as it’s not exactly the cheapest of hobbies/ career choices ;L

2: In relation to my last point, not being able to work a day job (although don’t get me wrong, I absolutely DESPISE not working 😩) and a lot of the time even leave the house at ALL has given me tonnes more time to work on my production skills/ instrument playing. I’ve been playing guitar, keys and drums (mainly guitar) solidly since I was 9 (now 22) and I’ve progressed as much if not more in the last 2 years than I have in all the time leading up to my anxiety “diagnosis”!

3: As others have mentioned, I am considerably more empathetic. ESPECIALLY towards people going through mental illness! I’ve always considered myself a pretty caring person where necessary and have always done my best to help friends/ family through any issues but the ONE thing I could never get my head around was anxiety as an “illness”... My approach to people who claimed to suffer from anxiety (although I’d obviously never say it to them!) was pretty much “man up, have a pint and get on with it!” It sounds awful but I’d just never looked into it! Anxiety disorder to me was just a funny name for someone who’s a bit of a “flannel”, even to the point where I walked out of my 1st doctors visit, 3 days after it started, with a huge smile on my face thinking “pah, anxiety?! This is gunna be easy!”... I guess you could say my experience thus far is lifes “little” way of proving me unbelievably wrong!

4: Appreciating the good times! While the vast majority of the past 2 years has been... well... absolutely horrendous, the times where it hasn’t been horrendous, have seemed incredible! I can honestly say some of the greatest nights/ days of my life have occurred during this ordeal. The 10 or-so nights out I’ve been on, the little day trips with family, even just into town for a coffee, having friends ‘round/ visiting friends for a drink and/ or writing music have all seemed like the best day ever, whereas before I absolutely took them for granted.

Those are the main ones anyway. Thanks for this post it has hugely lifted my spirits after what has been a rather unpleasant couple of days!

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