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Does it sound like anxiety?

Hi All newbie here have read through many posts and have found people with similar experiences to myself but thought I'd share my personal experience and get feedback if possible.

Anyway about 2 months ago I started getting bouts of dizziness and confusion although I do feel they may have been going on for up to a couple of years longer I cannot ever remember having it as bad so I have come to the conclusion it is a new occurrence.

Anyway I was exercising and I am usually very fit but I just felt lost like everything was going on around me and I couldn't concentrate on anything and felt confusion and as if I was in a bubble (very hard to explain not sure if this is the right wording for how I felt to be honest) anyway this was followed by nausea and chest pain and I ended up in hospital.

I had recently been going through a very stressful time at work but nothing that I would think would bring this on on top of this me and my partner had just moved house and had a child (our second girls do she's gorgeous) I obviously had very little sleep leading up to this and adding to the extra drive to work as we now live around 40 miles away whereas I used to be just a round the corner. I felt like I was on autopilot most of the time and had almost fallen asleep at the wheel whilst driving etc. Again I never thought it could bring on these dizzy spells or confusion etc.

After spending a night in hospital around people that were clearly not well and seemingly a lot worse off than myself I started panicking about whether something was seriously wrong with me (as you would I think with a new child and a family to care for) it was put down to stress and although I am having ongoing appointments to rule out anything else I sort of accepted it. However I did start to Google my symptoms (please do not do this) and some of the possible causes where very scary ranging from different cancers, brain abnormalities, aids, leukaemia etc etc (the chances of me having any of these are slim so I don't know why I worried so much) anyway that is when I started getting symptoms of other illnesses and managed to get a cold that was going round and everyone else around me was getting although to me it felt mine wasn't linked and that mine was caused by something more major.

Through the last few weeks I have had burning or itchy and crawling skin feeling, headache and eye pain, sinus pressure, stiff muscle and aches around neck and shoulders, twitching eyes and sensitivity to light, stomach gurgling, nausea, body trembles but not actually shaking (this was also happening at the beginning), fatigue restlessness and other symptoms aswell I think I have named the main ones. Worse for me is when I feel good and like I'm getting better then boom the next day I feel like poop. The other day I felt great and like I was over whatever it was then I had a bad nights sleep and felt extremely nauseated the next day and then after I feel all icky and generally unwell.

I know that from reading the forums my symptoms are very similar to some posters but I suppose the nature of the beast is that we wish to not believe that anxiety could possibly cause so many symptoms regardless of the research and experiences of others.

Anyway just wanted to share my story and see if this rings true or is similar to others experiences.

Thanks in advance for any help and advice and look forward to hearing from others hope my post can possibly help others in future.

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Hi im so sorry to hear about this and congrats on your bundle of joy. You and I both have similar symptoms its anxiety rearing its ugly head try to stay calm an think positive oh an trust me ive learned the hard way about goggling your symptoms worst thing I could have ever done was that. But keep me posted some days its good other days are soooo bad im on vacation an having a sttessfu time wish I could enjoy it more.


Thanks for your reply and sorry that your not able to enjoy your break, absolutely crazy that this can follow you wherever you go when in reality it doesn't even exist (physically speaking) so debilitating and yes I too have had good and bad days it's very frustrating as I just want to be getting on with my life and back to feeling my best.

I am usually extremely active and I am a professional athlete but currently I cannot drag myself to the gym to get myself fit to compete


One thing ive learned the undesirable is that we have to push ourselves eveb when we dnt feel like it we gatta try and beat this.


Definitely was just laying here thinking tomorrow I am going to go for a little run and ease myself back in to the swing of things


Well I have missed the gym for 5days now working out does help alot atleast u get to burn some of the extra cortisol that is linked to anxiety off so go for that run lol


Sounds like it could be just the ticket lol thanks again hope to speak again soon (or not because then that'll mean were feeling better lol)


Lolol we can talk when feeling bad or good I love this page it gives you so much support an the fact that you know your not alone.


Definitely mate I instantly feel better, although it's late so I am going to have to get some sleep as I do think that lack of sleep is one of my main triggers lol.

Speak soon and enjoy your vacation


Take care and thank u I will try


This post is literally exactly how I feel. I most definitely feel your pain it is very tough dealing with this. I made myself sick from constantly crying for 2-3 days after googling symptoms. I try to stay away from google but always end up back googling somehow. I'm assuming that what I deal with is anxiety because my doctor says I'm fine. Keep me updated with whats going on with yourself.


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