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I had an interview today and I was really anxious about it and felt a little spaced out


Has anyone felt like they couldn't focus and have slight blurred vision? I'm not sure if my slight migraine is also a symptom of anxiety but when I feel spaced out I normally get slight neck tension which escalates into a headache or migraine!. I haven't had these symptoms for a long time but today I feel like I went back to that bad state again :(. I know I have progressed a lot with trying to overcome my anxiety and no longer have them as often as I did before but at times like this I feel like all my work to improve has gone to waste. I'm not giving up though, this is just my way of venting my feelings right now, I will keep going.

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Hi willnot-giveup, Welcome to the anxiety forum. That's a common symptom of anxiety and a precursor to headaches either migraine or tension. We tend to jut our head forward in anticipation of the stress we are feeling. Before long, everything tightens up. You seem to have moved forward in understanding and handling the path of anxiety. Good for you. We're always here to listen, to comfort and to understand. Stay Strong and don't give up :)

Hi there, I just noticed that I do tend to jut my head forward whenever I feel anxious and now that you pointed it out I will be more aware of it. I will try to relax myself whenever I do and thank you! :)

It's one of my worst habits. You're not alone.

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