Worse than ever!

It's been awhile since I've posted but my last post was regarding anxiety, feeling like I'm going to die and my phobia, car accidents. Well, I was managing it all so well. I started seeing a therapist and I was doing great! I was driving More, especially on the highway and basically just finally living! Well...this past Friday I was in a car accident...I did everything right..no speeding, used my turn signals...all that. Well this kid slows at the stop sign..I trusted he stopped. Well next thing I know, I look out my side mirror and saw him going faster! He ran the stop sign and t boned my Dodge Nitro....I spun a good 20 feet before stopping. EMS and police say I did everything right...I tapped the brakes, didn't force the steering wheel in another direction. I did it everything right...well from that day to today, everything I worked hard to manage came back even harder...I cry on the highway again and I'm even having nightmares...I already had PTSD and now it's just worse...But now, the feeling like I'm going to die soon in a car accident is back and it feels even more real than before...am I just experiencing a symptom or is it really going to happen?! I see my therapist next Thursday...but for now, I'm trapped in my head again...


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