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Dissapointed Doc Visit...Feeling More Lost than Ever

Hello everyone. I had an appointment today with my Primary Care Physician for a follow up on my meds. I told him about the constant chest pain that I have, the sleeplessness, and the constant shortness of breath. He says that my symptoms are anxiety-panic related because my ekg's, blood work, and chest xrays were normal when I was in the er 2 months ago. He upped my Buspar to 3 times daily and left me on my Zoloft 100mgs. Also he said with being a female and so young that he is beyond confident that my pain is not heart related. All my vitals were normal all the while I feel like my throat and nose are the verge of closing up. I like my pcp as I believe he cares but I just am tired of suffering. The facility I use does not prescribe psychotropics so I have nothing for short term anxiety ge trial and errors with my other meds. I did lose 5 lbs which made me feel somewhat encouraged but I feel like my doc visit was a waste. My health insurance does not begin until January 1st (2 months of after my hire date for new job) so dont have the option of goinf to another doctor until then. My friend offered me sone of her xanax until I get stable on my meds but I declined because I don't want anything illegal plus I don't even no if I can take a couple of xanax a day along with the meds are already on. I feeo like my job is on the line because I am often late due to the fact that I can't sleep. I have been trying to exercise but I feel so horrible it makes it hard. I need some direction I cannot afford to lose my job I have a family to take care of. Is this really my life? Gosh I just want me back!!! I know I should trudt my doctor but I cannot get out of my mind that something is wrong with my heart. Somebody...anybody...please tell me there is a way out of this.

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There is a way out of this and it is acceptance.

The reason why anxiety affects us so much is because we are convinced that there is something wrong. You become fixated on the "possible" issue rather then what is actually happening.

I went through the pains of health anxiety. I thought something was wrong with my heart as well. So much so that I created the feelings that mimicked a heart attack. Chest pains, shoulder pains, back pains, jaw pains etc..... All of this is psychosomatic... Meaning you think about it so much you start to create the feelings. Your brain is very powerful, BUT you can control it.

Honestly, it boils down to trusting your professionals. If they don;t see anything wrong then I would take their advise. And if it continues to bother you then go to a specialist. But even when they tell you that everything is fine you need to train yourself to trust them. They are they experts. They know.

Acceptance ins key. Easier said then done, I know, but I know you will start to feel better when you atart telling yourself "hey, its just anxiety and it will go away" I have a ton more to say but im at work so I cant be on here that long, but if you need more let me know and I can go into more detail on my experience and how I am getting out of it now. God bless.




Couldn't of put it better, your completely right in everything you say in your response, I too am well on my way with recovery by adopting this attitude and using complete acceptance, it works and it's the only true recovery technique :-)


Hi Devin and Susie,

How do you allow yourself to accept it? I've been struggling with health anxiety for quite sometime now. It's awful. I'm terrified of taking medications, even ones that I've taken before. I'm on an antibiotic now and I broke down in tears for 20 min I was so scared to take it. It's not a new med either. I'm 38, I'm in the mental health field. It's embarrassing that my anxiety is so bad. I want to fix this. Any suggestions welcome!


Im in the mental health field as well! I feel like how can you treat others but can treat yourself? Its just horrible. My chest pain is so bad right now im like 2 secs from going to er just to accumalate another bill smhm


Oh I'm sorry you're struggling. Hopefully you can try the advice below that was given too. I think there should be more trainings on self help in this field. I'm sure there's lots of us!


Hi slaymate

Acceptance isn't easy, but it's possible, I too work within a mental health care setting and so found it completely overwhelming that I could help others and yet I couldn't seem to help myself at first. I decided I'd go all out to find a different approach in order to help myself control the awful fear and symptoms I was experiencing. I first bought a book written by the late Dr Claire Weekes, this book proved to be my savour, this lady was a pioneer in this field and her books are still available, I got mine from Amazon, she explains everything you need to know and how to implement this acceptance. I also attended courses in order to gain even more knowledge of how our bodies reactions to fear and anxiety can put us into this cycle of over sensitized states etc. I also began to realize that once you've experienced anxiety attacks it becomes a stored memory just like any other experience and therefore many future sensations can trigger this unpleasant memory and bring it up once again ( this also explains why people who have never experienced anxiety dont truly understand our struggle)

I also used many youtube videos posted by fellow sufferers who have recovered, I found these very helpful when I needed reassurance. Its a case of accepting your anxiety symptoms and just changing how you respond to it, fighting it or constantly avoiding certain things that you believe will trigger an attack is only a short term solution, this never.lasts and is no good as a complete recovery technique. You have to practice acceptance of any unpleasant sensation or symptom, don't allow it to stop you in your tracks, don't allow it to prevent you from carrying on with your day, its just adrenaline fuelled fear, it's your body responding to a danger that isn't real, it's responding to what YOU THINK, by changing how you think you will eventually change your bodies response. Loose the unnecessary fear and you'll loose the unnecessary anxiety attacks. Don't get me wrong, there are times when we need the fear response in order to keep us safe, it's an important response mechanism at times when we are truly in danger, supposing your crossing a road an a car is suddenly heading your way at speed, the driver has obviously not seen you, your body automatically pumps extra adrenaline, its fight or flight response kicks in immediately and your reaction is flight, you quickly jump out of the way, at that.moment your full of fear, your heart is racing, you feel impending doom, your scared and possibly sweating etc, you've jumped out of the way and the car missed you, your safe again, danger over, your body begins to calm and you feel relief, you realize your safe and your fight and flight response worked, now imagine the same response to a thought and your in the shopping centre, you panic, fight or flight automatically kicks in so you choose flight and escape, but in this situation the danger is NOT REAL IT'S MERELY YOUR THOUGHTS, unlike the near miss with the car, there's no real need for panic.

Acceptance is not easy to begin with, it takes practice and time, you have to allow time to pass, allow the unpleasant symptoms to come and go as they always do, and remind yourself that your ok and you've experienced these symptoms many times and you've always survived, there's no real danger, change the "what ifs" into "so what's"

You can do this, just don't become disheartened if it doesn't work straight away, it will and does work with practice and time. Sorry for the long response, it's not easy to explain in only few words :-) xxxxx stay strong and practice, use youtube and check out David Daish and Dr Claire Weekes xxx

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Thank you for your long response! I appreciate you taking the time to write it all out. I will definitely look into these books. As well as you tube videos. I'm willing to try whatever I can. It's funny the second day of my antibiotics I didn't take it and I was really disappointed in myself. Yesterday I did take it and I felt like a rock star for just getting through it. I don't know where this fear of medications comes from? I think I've seen so many people OD and many visits to the psy ward have really put me over the edge? Thank you again!

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Fear of medication was an issue for me too in the past, I was scared stiff of so many things, now I just take medication without a second thought if its been prescribed. Well done though for allowing yourself to try taking yours, and as you say, its an amazing feeling when you allow yourself to have that little control by taking your meds, you can do this, already your talking positive, stay with it and be proud of yourself :-) xxx


Physician Heal Thyself! ?


You don't have to be a physician to heal oneself?

I only speak from my own experience of the anxiety trap, it's about caring and trying to help others foxglove




Yes really! Isn't that the whole idea of this forum?


Hi Devin,

I am very interested in learning about your success with "Getting out of this Anxiety " that we all are having .

Your comments fit me to the tee.

I believe that we need to train our brain to NOT make our symptoms turn to reality.

Could you share some of your methods of dealing with anxiety?

Thank you in advance.

Looking forward to reading your comments.

Enjoy your day and God blessings to you.


Ah well must agree to differ - not about caring and helping (heaven forbid) but maybe one should care and help oneself first, the most difficult to do. You probably don't agree but if one can't sort oneself would think impossible to presume to help others....Still friends?


People come here asking questions and seeking advice or reassurance, if your suffering or have suffered from the same issues then surely it enables us to help each other? I'm well on my way to full recovery, I'm no expert and don't portray myself to be, but I speak from my own experiences and give details of my own acceptance, if doing so can help fellow sufferers then that's great, I wish everyone here well, nothing more....:-) xxx


A lot of those symptoms can be caused by antiobiotics, such as Cipro (Fluoroquinolones) and the reactions can be delayed so one doesn't put them together. Did you happen to take an antibiotic in the months before your symptoms started?


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