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13 yr old w/ ocd


My 13 yr old daughter was diagnosed with ocd after being baker acted for her thoughts (details not necessary). Shes been treated for adhd and odd since she was 6. In hindsight, I shouldve recognized the ocd- all signs were there. Shes an athlete, highly intelligent, very outgoing. Ive been blindsided by this. Im VERY involved in her life as I work from home, board member on her softball league etc. We are always going, wether its family, sports or social. Ive been extremely humbled. Shes now in an in depth outpatient program. Im scared for her future. I never "figured" this into our future. Any advice would be appreciated.

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I've had OCD since I was 15 and never got treatment as I never told my parents, I think it could have been nipped in the but then and there. As long as she is getting treatment she should be fine. I've managed to live a normal and good life with OCD. It's actually this full blown anxiety disorder that I got after having my second child that has been horrible again not getting treatment for it because I'm silly. Anyway I think OCD is much better than anxiety and panic is what I'm trying to say. And as long as she seeks treatment now I'm sure she will be fine. Best wishes xx

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