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could anxiety be ocd?

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There has been a lot on tv and magazines about ocd lately, I just used to think ocd was about ritualistic behaviour but now I'm thinking many of my anxious traits are actually ocd...anyone else think this? might have to pay more attention to ocd now

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I suffer with OCD , quite bad & I no mine started with anxiety , also I an waiting for help as mine is at a stage now I cant break the habit because of the anxiety it causes me

So for me this is the case & yes please watch yourself , I wish some one years ago had told me how bad this could get if I didnt




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I wish there was more 15 years is amazing how far things have come along in the recognition and lessening of stigma in all those years but there is still so much to be opened up - oh well, least we're all together now ;)

I have very minor OCD traits that Have never really progressed into anything major, I shall name several ...

1: things on my work desk must be neat and tidy and in a neat line.

2: my hands must be very clean and if they get sticky from fruit juice or fruits - I start to panic and get very strong urges to wash them.

3: I am very obsessive about dates on food - I can't eat anything that i didnt personally buy or open and i only buy food on a daily basis and if anything happens to be within 2 days of its use by/sell by date I won't eat it.

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I can identify with number 3, I'm emetophobic - although I have become far more relaxed about best before dates, still very strict on use by and stuff that has been opened...that's why I'm so curious about ocd and anxiety - where does it all begin and how can I reprogramme the bugger

As you know dd is also emetophobic & when assessed she was classed as having OCD traits (as well as HA & others).

The way I understand it from her therapist is that the anxiety came first, then because of this she developed 'safety behaviours' ie hand washing, checking food, plates, cutlery etc. The OCD develops as a way of trying to cope with the anxiety but actually ends up perpetuating it.

What he's trying to get her to do is gradually drop the safety behaviours (OCD) which in turn eases the anxiety.

Hope that made sense :)


you know what I had thought, for a least two years, that I had dropped 'safety' traits - but I never did get rid of the carrier bag in my pocket...that is going to be one of the first things I'll try to ditch this time

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I have to have things in a certain way & go funny if someone moves them

I cant stand the thoughts of germs & if anyone comes to the house I think they have brought them in & have to wipe after them

Hate using public toilets & dont like anyone using mine

have to keep my hands clean

Have to wash everything if worn once

Have to clean up everyday

Same even though I can buy food in for the week , wont go near it if the date is not 2 days ahead & cant stand the thoughts when things are sold loose who might have touched them

These are just a few

You ready for Positive Friday Michael , you did say you might have one ;)


I think everyone had OCD traits it just depends how it affects your life

Yes I'm going to have to be careful - it seems that I have started to skip breakfast in order to go out and get things done without keep an eye on that - when I met the OH at life skills 12/13 years ago I would only eat a packet of crisps all day...old habits are coming back, cannot wait for cbt next Monday :)

Hi all, mine is skin related. I cannot, literally cannot, ignore any tiny blemish or flaw even if it is not visible, even if it is a bit if rough or flaky skin, I have to pick at it. Horrid I know but there is this compulsion to cure it get rid of it, make it go away which I cannot ignore. I have been known to leave work meetings for a comfort break if I become aware of something. I feel momentarily better when I've had a good go at it then it starts again.

I know its anxiety related because I start it unconsciously if thinking of bad things, and don't do it at all when busy or happy. And I check my skin obsessively, have dine since age 12. I am undiagnosed by anyone except my therapist (seeing her for anxiety of all sorts) but she has suggested I might also be ocd and suddenly the skin thing made sense.

Anyone else have a skin obsession?


Ik this is an old post but anxiety isn't nessiscarily ocd but Ocd is anxiety. It's just based off whether or not U feel that you can quit the behaviors which you usually do due to an unsettling thought

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