I can't tolerate animal abuse

I am very stressed as i come across instances of animal abuse everday.....i keep thinking about them....when i try to stop them the abusers attack me personally..... i can't appeal to the legal system as the laws in my country are very weak and the system is flawed....i am unable to function physically due to the emotional pain....help me to help the situation


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  • I was like this too. The first step is praying about it. Next is realizing that even though you are one person, you are one powerful person that cares. And that matters. It may not stop what evil is being done, but pray for guidance to bring peace for yourself and the cause you care about.

  • Thanks for your kind words....although i have to say praying does not do me much good....its time to take some action....but still i will try meditation and positive thinking

    Thank you for your suggestion

  • If I may say, it is difficult to realize why such evil exists. I even tried to sell my soul to save one animal from torture. The world isn't what it was meant to be and it won't be for some time. That goes back into Genesis. But, what praying does do, it soften your heart to hear the guidance from God. I too have been in your shoes. He lead me in my career that helps people, but I can help animals too. When I go to a dog bite, I educate the owners and even the cops sometimes. My job allowed me to meet other animal rescuers that help me when I need help with animals. Then God lead me to my husband who is a Trooper that loves animals and has access to even more positive changes for animals. It's a hard task, but educating people and youth is one step, even if it only saves one animal from pain. Realizing I can't control others, takes a long time. I would feel like I took on the pain of animals and it made me physically ill. There's always something we can do and I pray you find it, with peace.

  • Your words of wisdom are indeed quite rare to find........ i appreciate you taking the time to respond........ as you mentioned you have handled cases of dog bite......i would like to ask how do you counsel people when they try to attack animals on the account of animals biting them or their children.....i mean in most of the cases the animals are provoked by the humans to do so by hitting them etc.

    But when the authorities arrive they always take the plea that this animal is a menace as he / she attacks people......what to say to such people?

    The people know they are deliberately lying and animals are innocent....they bite only to protect themselves and their babies....what should be said to the humans to make them more compassionate in such cases

  • You're so welcome, I know what it's like to be in your shoes. The cops are just as bad and easy to take the side of the people instead of the animal sometimes. I've had to correct both. It's more using tact and as my mom would say, "slap them with a velvet glove". I ask what was going on before it happened, even though I know, I make the person witnessing and the person that got bit tell me so they say it outloud to think about it later. Then I tell them why the dog bit according to what they said was the reason they thought. Even though most of this is always ignorance, like everytime I hear a dog bite from a pitbull I cringe, half the time it's a mix and always a child that was playing or hand the hand near food. A scenerio I can use is going to a bite with a child from a pitbull. The parent says pitbulls are dangerous and bit her kid. The child tells me he was running to play with the dog and he grabbed his arm with his mouth. there's barely a mark. I tell the child that all dogs bite, and so do all animals, that the dog wanted to play and when you ran or touched him, he thought you were his brother and wanted to play rough, because they don't have hands to grab you, he grabbed you with his mouth and didn't realize you're not like other dogs with fur to protect from his teeth, that the dog just wanted to play and it hurts him to know he hurt you, too. I also so, that some dogs don't want to play or be touched, and proceed to explain ways to tell when a dog is being aggressive. Then I tell the parents the same thing in a more matter of fact voice and offer them to bring the dog to the shelter or seek training or a rescue if they can't handle the dog anymore. explaining more sensitively to the kids I believe educates them for later in life to care for animals and understand their behavior. as far as adults that already have it in their heads what's right and wrong, it's the velvet glove approach of even having to talk to them like children too. I mainly offer assistance from local shelters, rescue groups to assist them so they know there is help out there. How i react is very situational based on the event, but I try to be the voice for the animal. Some people are receptive other's are stubborn in their ways and all I can do is pray they open their eyes.

  • The scenario in my city is really bad and disheartening...... people complaining are often not the owners but the neighbours and colony residents.......most of them take to relocating animals,abandoning pets and threatening volunteers and misbehaving with them.......there is no room for a sensible dialogue as people start with shouting and end at threatening......... i am not worried about myself......but i do worry about the safety of animals as it is common practice to poison those that are unwanted.

    I may be coming off as a little whiney but trust me i am very concerned......and there are literally no strict laws for animal welfare where i live.....but your approach of counselling is great as the children involved are future adults.......next time i would really adopt this method and get back to you definitely and hopefully with good news.

    I am pretty sure you are doing good work in this field......i am proud to be a human when i come across such people.

  • Not at all whiney. I'm pretty sure the cats in my neighborhood have disappeared because of poisoning, but I secretly hope it's just they were fixed and haven't had kittens anymore. And the real truth is, I don't know which is true. The only thing I can say for change and to help you emotionally is to educate when you can, I'm in the US, so I'm not sure if working with your government and petitioning can help. Just recently here, new laws for animals have come into effect. But, I had to step back for my own health, it's not giving up, but I do firmly believe that God leads where you need to be to help if you're willing and ready and trusting. We can only do so much, but at least it's something and that has to be enough.

  • I totally get the part about stepping back... these things get to a person very quickly.....i have never joined a blog discussion before but i had to this time coz m in extreme anxiety about all these matters.....i am glad that new animal laws have been passed in your country....i am from india and the laws here haven't been updated since 1960 (regarding animal welfare)

    A lot of people are working for animals but we are restricted when it comes to regulations as the law is weak...big time


    I just hope i have the strength to go on coz i don't want to give up in any way.....its very hard but i want to fight

  • My mom that recently passed away felt as strongly as us, she'd be in tears just hearing about animal abuse. She always told me that pain is momentary it doesn't last forever for the animals, I think that's how she got through her ordeal as well, and it's true. I know you're not Christian, but He really is there to help you with this, and understand why these things are happening. I firmly believe that educating the young and ignorant are the only way that will eventually end this heartache on this Earth. One more person you teach, could be hundreds of animals reached. And that person will go one to teach what's right too.

  • God bless mum's soul. i just hope what she believed is somehow true coz for all i know pain lasts for an eternity and its scars even longer.recently i started visiting a dog shelter in my city that houses stray and abandoned....pedigreed and indigenous dogs.......they are a small clinic cum hospital facility.

    At first they were very welcoming but as soon as the topic of adoption came up they got very defensive......they were reluctant to give up dogs for adoption....especially breex dogs......n the conditions there are deplorable.....

    Also i am suspecting that atleast one of the dogs...a labrador is being sexually abused by a resident care taker.

    Since this discovery u can't even imagine the level of panic i sunk into.its a recent development.

    As i told u before....the authorities are no help at all....but still m trying my best. the owner of this shelter is a political shark....corrupt n very cunning....he might bar me from visiting the shelter as soon as he finds out i am upto something......there was a little pup...maybe a month old..i suspect hes a victim too.

    I can't forcibly remove those dogs as cops won't help n they won't give dogs up for adoption.

    I know no one can really do anything ryt now but i wont give up......i will keep fighting....its just how can smone expect to lead a normal life after u know smthing like this is happening around u.....i can't.... i just can't.

    I mean they are so innocent n being molested is worse enough... they can't even speak up for themselvez.......if there's a god in this world really i wd like him to plz do some sort of justice n help me to help those souls out.

  • I heard of a parish near me that housed stray dogs in a barn of kennels and let them starve. I investigated and it was true! I couldn't imagine, they were all in horror. I contacted a local group for humane animals, and they investigated for me and told me the major was being charged for abuse and now the place is mowed down. Even the locals knew and did nothing! There must be an organization near you that can help you get more information, I wish I knew more about where you lived and how to help you. However, there is a place on Facebook called SNARR, Special Needs Animal Rescue, and they take in cases from Egypt and such. THey may be able to direct you. Well, God put me in your path, and as the world is full of sin and evil, He will guide you in this justice. I know very well the torment and anxiety you are going through, as my mom did, she always wanted to be an avenging angel to exact justice on these things, but continue to pray, it's our connection to God, and through Him you can get the strength to do anything, that's a promise.

  • Yes i will visit the SNARR page definitely. i am really sorry to inform u but there is no such working legal organisation in my area.......n if a grp of like minded ppl try to forcibly remove the dogs we wd end up getting arrested instead.....all officials are quite corrupt.but i will try my best to rescue them.thanks for your words.

  • I am the same way. Animals need us. I'm glad you are here and for the animals.

  • Thanks for sharing your thoughts 😊😊😊😊

  • Hey have you had any progress with the abused dogs?

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