Emotional abuse?

I wake to a voice sickeningly sweet like honey and it sounds like a voice I once knew.I open my eyes and I'm showered with kisses so tender then I am pulled into a loving embrace.I turn to look at who is doing these sweet things and I find a character wearing a halo and wings they make sure I take noice as they boast about there love for me.This character sings sweet praises to me saying things like you're so sweet,smart,kind,loving,giving,and beautiful.Anyone can see it's easy to love this character and I do.I praise this character for his kindness and love.I tell him how happy he has made me and he smiles but it doesn't reach his eyes and I don't know why.Then just as suddenly as he came the characters face contorts and twist in the most frightening way.His halo morphs into horns and were there was once a beautiful set of white feather wings now there is wings of black jagged glass.Now everything has changed and I am terrified.He no longer boasts about his love for me and his words are all curses against me and his touch burns like acid.This evil thing grabs me pushing me down its hands slip around my neck and it's claws dig into my skin.It screams a ear piercing scream at my face.Then I feel it pulling my my love,happiness and my very life from me and just as suddenly as it woke me my eyes close and I feel my self fade away slowly maybe to be happy once again?


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  • Anxious-bunny21, this is beyond Anxiety and must be addressed by a psychiatrist. It is a very strong form of emotional abuse and you need to find out where this is coming from.

    It is way too vivid a picture that seems torturous every day. Please seek help ASAP. Keep us updated as to what your doctor says and how we can support you. I wish you well. x

  • Thank you

  • I am going in for counseling on Monday the 16 th without him knowing

  • Good Luck Anxious-bunny21, you need to do this for yourself. x

  • I am terrified to leave though what if it's a mistake what if he really does love me and I am just crazy ?

  • Anxious-bunny, this is about a real person??

    I thought it was a manifestation of your mind.

  • Yes it's about my husband

  • Hello Anxious, it sounds like he's good to you when he wants something and then turns into his real persona ( showing you how he really feels about you). Do you feel loved and cared for? A woman who is truly loved wouldn't have these feelings. Even your name sounds like you've been intimidated . I think maybe this relationship is sucking the life out of you. Protect yourself. Pam

  • I often feel like it has taken everything from me and I rarely feel loved

  • You deserved to be loved and respected . I hope you can make that happen. Counseling will be an enormous support. Pam

  • I am going to try I had to set up the counseling behind his back because he doesn't want me to go just blows me off saying we can't afford it.I am just worried because if I leave I have no money any money I save he always seems to need when we meet I had over $2,000 savings now I have like $100 to my name

  • I'm guessing he doesn't want you to go to counseling because if you get better you'll leave him. Is there anyone you can move in with, parents or a friend. You'll get on your feet again, but it may take some time. If you are making plans to leave don't let him know. Your counselor will advise you so be sure to tell him/her what it is really like for you. Pam

  • Yes I can move in with my moms friend or my friend half of me wants to leave the other half doesn't

  • I understand and it's very sad, but he will only escalate. You need to put a higher value on yourself and get a little tougher. Think of yourself as a bunny with fangs. Pam

  • I am trying Pam I am sorry I guess most of my life I have been scared meak I guess that's why I was perfect for him

  • Oh goodness, don't be sorry. I've also had those problems to deal with. That's why it's easy for me to recognize them. It's very insightful of you to see he took advantage of you. and you are perfect, just not for him. Pam

  • Thank you Pam I need ed to hear that I also just need to fix me I am almost 22 and I am tired of hating my self .I want a better life he is going to be 62 this year you would think he would want the same

  • Please don't be offended by my questions or opinions . Are you from a country where it is acceptable for an older man to be with a much younger woman? Of course he would be controlling with you, a woman his age would probably not put up with his nonsense . Also you are probably stunning and it makes him feel good to have a young wife. You need a man closer in age, someone you'll have more in common with . I'm 70 and he sounds to old for me, LOL. Pam.

  • No we are both USA born and raised.I am not offended at all .I am by no means his first younger woman either.stunning...me no way I am a ugly duckling

  • Remember , the ugly duckling turned into a Swan . Let me know how it goes. Pam

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