Can't stop worrying 24/7

Hello, it is a constant cycle with my anxiety. I have IBS-D which I think happened because of my anxiety, when I am anxious I have a "nervous poo" quite a lot before I can even leave the house, my anxiety makes my IBS flare up but my IBS causes me to have anxiety. Its a nightmare I think if I worried less I wouldn't cause my stomach stress but I just can't relax unless I am going to sleep, I have a job induction next week an I just don't know how I am going to cope I keep over thinking about having a flare up an them regretting hiring me😞please help


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  • Work on the anxiety with mindfullness, yoga, relaxation techniques etc.

  • Thank you xx

  • Hello lucy

    yes I suffer with ibs for years and also panuc attacks x tge last 8 months I've developed anxiety attacks with also isn't very nivector try and deal with x my doctor got me in touch with a a anxiety clinic which I went to x and I must say it dud help me with the relaxing breathing technics does really help to do the breathing x my ibs feels alit calmer x as you say all the worrying yoy do starts of the ibs working so seems like a visurs circle x when going to anxiety clinic it was good to speak to others that was going through the same thing x does help to speak to others who suffer the same as you x

    let me know how you get on with the breathing x look it up on the Internet as well x relaxation breathing exercises x take care darling

  • Thank you, I will deffo try breathing exercises. Yeah it does help talking to other I don't know anyone who has anxiety problems except on here xx

  • The thing is if you try and talk to people that does not experience anxiety they really don't understand how your feeling x they just think yourover reacting x but that's nit the case x try and see your doctor ti see if there is a anxiety clinic nr you x but the breathing us tge first step you can help you self darling x take care x

  • Yeah I will have to have a look on the internet for anxiety groups near me, I know feels like noons I know understands how I feel😣 thank you you too xx

  • I listen at every oppertunity to stress & anxiety dvd.s which are free dowloads on you tube or spotify.i find paul mckenna amazing but you got to do it as often as you can.xx

  • Hi ~I suffer with IBS as well and have done for many years and know the stress it causes ~it's always worse when worry/anxiety take over ~I drink peppermint tea to soothe my tummy after an attack and even though it doesn't cure IBS it does help with the symptoms ~ also you must be capable of doing this job or else you wouldn't have been offered it ~have faith in yourself and don't let IBS ruin this opportunity!!

    Good Luck with the induction!!


  • Hello kath, yeah it is. That's a good idea thanks! True, I'm just hoping this job gives me more confidence an makes me worry less about my IBS! Thanks again xx

  • If you do have an attack somewhere public how do you handle the situation?? That's what I am most worried about because I know I'll panic an have to go twice as I feel like it just won't stop. If I eat nothing harsh on my stomach today and then tomorrow morning eat something simple then nothing until I finish as I am only in until 2 do you think I will be okay because my stomach will be empty??xx

  • Well I tend to stick to bland foods really ~toast etc ~but make sure you have something on your tummy ~thing is I usually know what triggers mine off ~sugar is my biggest nightmare along with dairy ~try and chill out today and get some peppermint tea ~drink some before work tomorrow ~ but as I said don't let the IBS take over ~you deserve this job and once you get tomorrow over with let's hope you don't worry so much

    Let me know how you get on

    And GOOD LUCK for tomorrow


  • Yeah I do try to eat bland food too to be honest. I am unsure what triggers mine really, because sometimes I eat something an it really upsets my stomach then other times it has hardly no reaction which is strange. I will deffo have some peppermint tea I am sure my mum will have some as she loves herbal teas! Thank you so much kath, you have been a big help I will let you know how it goes😃xx

  • No worries at all ~my IBS usually triggers off at night time ~but have had it during the day once in a while ~think at the moment yours is worse because you are stressed about your new job ~make sure you know where the loos are ~and if you need to explain to HR that you are just nervous about starting a new job and your tummy playing up a bit ~we are all human after all ~talk to your Mam as well ~sure she will give you good advice ~my youngest son started his first job after uni a month ago ~and he was really nervous on his first day ~but we talked things through and even though he was still worried it helped him to talk about stuff

    You take care and wish you well for tomorrow ~this time tomorrow your first day will nearly be over


  • My IBS is bad when I first wake up and after my tea if I have eat something that sets my stomach off. Yeah that's deffo why its been worse because my new job and I am over thinking. If it starts to flare up I will tell them an just say its because I'm really nervous! Aww yeah I will have a talk with her too. Can't wait for tomorrow to just me over😂 thanks again xx

  • Yep that's your best bet ~think everyone is nervous when they start a new job anyways ~I see by your previous posts you are going to be working in a care home ~that will be a rewarding job for you and bet you love it once you settle in ~as for the IBS I guess I've learned to accept it now ~even though it's awful ~I just think oh no here we go again ~ there is no magic cure ~but when you are at home nothing beats a nice warm bath and a hot water bottle to ease the discomfort

    I bet tomorrow is not as bad as you think ~just Mr Anxiety playing nasty tricks on you and making you fear the worst ~been there done that and got the t shirt lol

    You take care


  • Yeah I know everyone will be. Yeah I am really excited to work there to start my career off in health and social! They should be more understanding too working in a care home, hopefully I just get used to it an it dies down a bit when I am more settled in on my night shifts. Yeah hopefully it all goes okay just got to get through these 3 morning shifts then I can start doing what I'll be comfortable my night shifts!x

  • Hello you are not alone I have the same problem that even thinking of leaving the house triggers my stomach pain and when I eventually leave I go back running coz I need to use the bathroom badly.....but I've started to engage my brain with any positive thoughts as a kind of distraction from anxiety and sometimes it worked so try listening to music or keep telling yourself l am totally fine as much as you can and good luck with your job

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