Can't breathe

Drank a few full cups of tea (Lipton) and now I feel as though I cannot breathe as we speak it's like whenever I stop taking deep breaths, my breathing stops. My mouth feels heavy I'm literally biting down on my tongue right now. My heart keeps skipping beats, speeding up and slowing down and is beating hard is this a panic attack or something worse? I don't want to have to go back to the hospital just so they can turn me back around and send me home or have me sit in their psychiatry floor for hours lol. Has anybody had this happen to them before. Need and would very much appreciate The comfort and reassurance.


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  • Panic attack brother try to take some deep abdominal breaths here all night if you want to talk

  • Now I have a small headache and muscle spasms but I'm yawning which reminds me that I may just be having a panic attack, thank you for your input.

  • Hope you feel good. Easier to see it when not in it

  • Hi Keejay, ActionChaz is right in that it sounds like a panic attack. After having drank a few full cups of tea, the liquid fullness most likely gave you that can't breath feeling plus, if it were regular tea you were drinking, the amount of caffeine is high in tea and could have put the fear of not breathing in motion.

    Try calming yourself down. Once the fullness in your stomach subsides some, start sipping on plain water to flush the caffeine out of your system faster. You'll be okay. As ActionChaz suggested do the abdominal deep breaths which will restore the balance in both your mind and body. Feel better. x

  • Keejay I hate that feeling, wondering if I should go to the hospital or not. I can't add anything to what everyone has already said, they are exactly right. Just wanted to commiserate and say I know where you're coming from and it's a scary thing. I'm glad you came here and got some reassurance. Feels so scary and real at the time.

  • Take it easy Keejay. I know very much the feeling. You’re doing good!

  • Yes it's panic's attacks, some times it happens to out of nowhere,push through it and don't think about it and it will go away

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