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Im pregnant with my third child. All I see is maternal death stories. I cant even enjoy my pregnancy. All I read are these stories and im a wreck. I'm so scared of dying after having my baby. My other children need me and the new baby. Im so scared I stay depressed and cry all the time...please help.. advice... anything

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Darling, women have babies every minute of everyday. Don't let anxiety ruin one of the most magical things to ever happen.

Stop reading that rubbish or read success stories.

Women that die through childbirth usually have some underlining problem & I'm sure you have been having regular check ups.

It sounds to me like your anxiety is taking over & causing negative thoughts & 'what ifs'

Try to replace them with positive thoughts, you're having a new bundle of joy to watch grow, your children are going to have a new sibling to love.

It's hard darling but you need to try your hardest to distract yourself from the negativity.

You'll be fine & if you are really concerned speak to your midwife xxx


Thank you so much. Im trying so hard to be happy and excited enjoy this. My husband has overcame cancer and we tried 2 years . I feel to good to be true and my fear has over taken me. I try to calm then someone post another tragic story. I do not think I have ever been so down and terrified in my entire life.


Ashleyp, you are going through an anxious phase and when we experience anxiety minor fears and concerns suddenly appear exaggerated ten fold. So your natural concern that all will go well with the new birth becomes exaggerated into fear of dying. Well, there's no chance of you dying, another child will arrive for you to cherish, a sister/brother and playmate for your other two children, and all things will be well. For the moment just accept the strange thoughts and stories you hear without fear knowing full well that they do not apply to you. Accept them and don't worry about them, dry your tears and give thanks that you are the mother of adorable children who look to you for care and instruction ehich you are well able to give. Happy times lie ahead for you I promise.


Thank you... I could never thank you enough for that reply. My anxiety has over taken my entire pregnancy. Then googling hasnt helped, social media isnt helping... thank you


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