Anxiety is horrible

Its been almost 2 months and my anxiety and panic attacks keep getting worst idk wat to do i feel horrible all day long. Each day i feel crazier and crazier and im to the point were not even my parents believe and they want to force me to go back to work. And i cant even get out of my room. Its just makes me worst knowing that no one believes me they imagine that what i feel is not bad when it is i cant sleep i cant eat or do anything. Everyone is loosing hope in me :(( any advice?


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  • I'm going through the same. What are your symptoms? I can't eat or sleep either.

  • Well when i wake up i feel supper anxious i feel like i want to throw up and my stomach hurts so much and i dont even want to wake up. Then during the day i just feel lazy anxious and i get panic attack i dont even want to go out the house im afraid of doing so. And at night it gets a little better but each day is a nightmare i barely make it each day withouth having to go to the hospital its a horrible feeling i feel crazy and lost and when family members come or theres alot of people around me i feel even worst. But i pray everyday for these symptoms to go away. God bless u and we will get out of this terrible dream.

  • I definitely have my days I wake up just feeling so nervous it just sits on my chest and mine will come and go. But it messes with my appetite and I have no desire to eat. I have to force myself to eat. Do you? And also sometimes I get nausea too but mine is not that bad where I have actually thrown up. Also I have gotten now so fatigue that even when I try to do my usual routine like going to the store or just even getting up I feel so weak and like I feel like the sun is too much. Like now going outside is too much. Do this happen to you? And i feel detached from reality. When I drive I feel light headed and sometimes it's harder to focus? Yes I pray pray and more prayer to get through each day. I'm so afraid and worried is something else wrong with me and will I make it. Is this you?

  • I know how you feel. I feel physically ill every day it's so scary. I still struggle with understanding how anxiety can cause such dibilitating physical symptoms to me it doesn't make sense

    Hi Icanbeathis2016 your symptoms sounds like mine. I feel very worried and anxious as soon as I wake up which is never a good way to start a day. Also lately I constantly get this weak feeling and it really is horrible. I avoid going out at all costs because I feel so weak, fatigued and whenever I drive I feel spaced out and can't focus properly. I did collapse 2 months ago and that has set off my health anxiety big time. I am still undergoing tests but they have found no reason yet why it happened and that scares me every second of every day. Let's hope and pray we can all beat this and be happy 🙏

  • What you are going through is awful. Go to your GP and get some help. He may give you some medication that will eleviate your problem

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