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New medication and nervous...


Just got prescribed new medications today. I'm nervous because one only them I have never heard of and I'mm afraid of how I will react to it. I was given Hydroxyzine which I have taken a few times but can not remember how I did with it, I was also given Citalopram which I have never heard of. I made the mistake of reading the side affects online so now I'm so afraid to take the Citalopram. Is anyone taking any of this,how did they work for anxiety in the long run,is there a high chance of having any side affects? Thanks everyone,much love.

Heather 💖

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ive taken hydroxyzine, don’t worry, it’s one of the least harsh anxiety medication they can give it to pregnant women:) it just makes you very tired and relaxed as well. and every anti-depressant has reviews for bad side effects, googling reviews is like asking for negativity. nobody wants to share the good things because they are doing well, and forget to look up things like symptoms of pills. give it a go, and if you have any negative side effects call your doctor. you got this ❤️

Hateanxiety in reply to jaderbug

Thank you jaderbug,yes googling is horrible,I started doing that when my anxiety first started. I took a hydroxyzine about two hours ago,I feel tired and sluggish, other than that I'm doing good. I start the Citalopram in the morning and god do I hope all goes well. I'm hoping I won't have to change medications because before these I have tried so many others and gave up on medicine for a while. Going the lone route without medication did pretty good at times but then something would set me on and I was holding on for another ride. I'm praying that my doctor has found the answer this time. I really thank you from the bottom of my heart jaderbug,you really helped me tonight.💖

Osidge in reply to Hateanxiety

Citalopram is an SSRI and it increases the amount of seratonin in the brain. That just makes you feel happier. It works in the same way as sertraline.

twiglett in reply to Hateanxiety

Hi. Can I help in anyway. Xx

Hateanxiety in reply to twiglett

Hi twiglett,I'm just nervous on the Citalopram. I had taken Prozac a few years back but I got off of it due to the fact that I despise taking any type of medication. I suffer from anxiety and panic disorder so I worry constantly about side affects and how things could go wrong. Thank you

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