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Iworry bout my health all the time,I suffer from bronco spasm if I go out inthe cold,I went out today went into spasm and I panicked,as I sat here this aft I began another 1" it's still going on,I went to the a@e the other nite because I was so scared, the doc said I was making a nuisance of myself ,now I'm afraid to ask for help,I don't know wat to do,I just feel I can't carry on like this,I'd love to get my health back


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  • Hi there

    I too am suffering with Health Anxiety and it is just awful. It all started last summer when I was eating a whole load of symptoms and then just basically panicked. It does't help that I am going through marriage problems and am currently in the process of seeking a divorce. Saw my GP who recommended anti depressants but I declined as thought I had seen the last of it. However, it's recently come back and I can feel myself falling down that slippery slope yet again. It is horrible and I hate the fact that no amount of reassurance will put my mind at rest. I understand how you feel and I hope things start looking up for you soon :)

  • Thank u,I'm sat up athe mo feeling that I can't breathe,I dare not lay down,it's been going on all day,I'm so scared,wat may happen,I just don't know wat to do

  • Hi, have you inhalers you can use, what about trying a hot bath?

  • Yes I have inhalers but they didn't seem to work last nite,this may sound odd but I think the probs r coming from my tummy,I'm having investigations done,cos I checked my peak flow during the nite it was 450. Which is good

  • Hi Meg, sorry didn't get a chance to reply to you last night, why do you think the problem is caused by your tummy?

  • I have tummy probs,hiatus hernia etc,I'm waiting for an endoscopy,the Vegas nerve nr ur tummy wen it's irritated can send up ur pulse rate and it feels like it could b affecting your asthma,it does with me anyway, doc also changed my acid meds the other week ,I don't think they work as well as my others,going back to see him tues

  • This is exactly what I have, hiatus hernia and breathing probs, what meds are you on?

  • Seretide,bricanil, omeprazol, gaviscon

  • I have messages you

  • Wat r they

  • Hi meg

    Remember you are not alone with this , think of all the times you have thought something is going to happen & it hasnt , this is health anxiety , I suffer to , so I no how you feel , spent my life having different things in my head wrong with me , but thats what it is in my head

    Nothing is going to happen , you will be here tomorrow , even though i no you feel like crap

    Try doing some breathing exercises , or breath in & out of a paper bag , sounds daft but it can help

    If you are not tired & ready to sleep , dont try & force yourself

    Have you thought or getting any councelling ? I to dont like meds , so this is an alternative

    Herbal things like calms they wont harm you , have you tried anything like that ?

    I always wait till I am tired then when I go to bed i read a mag, or book & that keeps my mind occupied till i drop of , dont no if this could help you

    Post tommorrow or before as i no you will still be here ;)

    Thinking about you



  • Yes I'm still here with a pulse of 105 ,.and my stomach churning,and tearfully,I hate my life ,it's something diff every day ,nite time is worse,

  • ;) I knew you would be

    I no how horrible this is believe me , i have woke up with a banging headache , cough , I sometimes dont no how much is real or how much I am run down with anxiety , which can cause these symptoms

    I dont take my pulse or anything or that would send me over the edge

    I do try & accept this is how I feel , this is anxiety , its not that no one believes us , its more we dont believe anxiety can make us feel this bad , once we can start to believe it does , the less power it has over us & the more we can start to deal with it , easier said than done , but everyday we are still here so you have to say , if this was life threatening i wouldnt be

    Keep talking , keep posting




  • Thank you,I never thought as I got older I would have to go through this,up until my husband died 8yrs ago I was fine,he was allways ther for me if I was I'll,bless him,then 3yrs ago I lost my son ,how do u deal With that,but I did my daughter lives miles away,and works full time,so she hadn't a grt deal of pare time,I find night time is the worst when it goes dark,that's the worst for me

  • Im sorry things have been so bad that is an awful lot for you to deal with , my heart goes out to you & how you deal with loosing a son & hubby , I cannot imagine , have you had some councelling ? this may have caused your health anxiety to get worse . loosing two people so close to you

    Night time can be worse , its dark , we feel it will be harder to reach someone if some thing goes wrong , but nothing will , only in out heads

    Do you leave a light on some where when you go to bed , I do

    Everyone is different with what helps them , I think I have said before , I tape everything & watch tv , maybe till 1 or 2 in morning till I am so tired , then I read when i go to bed , till i drop of , I think its about finding something that will keep you distracted & our minds of these thoughts , try different things , radio maybe , it doesnt matter what it may be , its about distracting us , till we get the confidence things will be OK



  • No I haven't had counselling just got on with it,yes I leave a lite on

  • Could you not ask for some counselling , I am waiting for some at the moment , i do feel it night benifit you , it certainly will not do you any harm & as you feel it could possibly do you some good , you dont just have to get on with it as you say , I would ask your GP about it


  • It's worth mentioning to him xxx

  • I would , I am sure it could help , well I no I am going to give it a go , there is nothing to loose ;)

    Let us no how you go on


  • Yes I will,and thank u for listening or rather ,chatting xxx

  • meg , this is what the site is for :-)

    every one understands & we all support each other , as we no what its like , & people improve & even get back to a full life again

    People are always about to listen on here,


  • That's just wat I want ,to get back to a normal life xxx

  • You will , small steps , with this , but you will get there ;)


  • It seems a long way off!

  • Just stop in the day , thats what I do , if i think to far ahead i wouldnt cope , that way things dont seem 2 far away ;)


  • Ok xxx

  • Thank u xxx

  • I suffer with this too it's awfull it's one pain after another and I worry thinking the worst was my groin and belly, but now it's a constant dull headache on the right side of temple and earache and throats sore been docs he said headache is tension and where I cleaning my teeth all the time and just got a general cold but I'm finding it hard to believe this dull ache is tension had it for 2/3 weeks, I started meds 2 weeks ago hoping they are going to help me stop worrying xx

  • I'm just beginning to believe that no one believes me any more,I have a friend who's qualified in reflexology ,I think I may this a try,iv nothing's lose,who knows it may work

  • I'm another long-term health anxiety sufferer and sympathise with you..

    You feel on top of it sometimes for months and than - wham - back it comes to terrify you with aches, pains or other worrying and weird bodily sensations.

  • That's exactly it, I can honestly say since I had my 1st bronco spasm outside last year ,I my health and well being since jan last year has been utter crap,most days I spend in tears ,last nite included,I wish with all my heart I could get my health back on track,and enjoy life again,I have to go out later to pick up a prescription and I'm dreading going out ith it being cold,as that's when these spasms happen,when it's freezin,

  • I live alone and my family are miles away,so iv no one to go with ,that would help.the only person I see is my very good friend on a Saturday who kindly takes me shopping,Saturday's I enjoy,

  • Hi Meg, I hope you start to feel better soon, best wishes, and hugs Sounds like you need friendship and support. All the best, Louisa M xxxx

  • Thank u,I have seen my nurse practitioner since I was last on here,iv gon on antidepressants and hav just seen a health trainer today,to help me on my way

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