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Weird symptoms

In going to list all my symptoms hope this reassures you if you have them

. Derialisation

. Muscle twitches in most parts of body

. Feeling like I have to take a deep breath sometimes and can't get full satisfaction (breath gets cut off)

. Chest pain/numbness which goes red/?pains on heart

. Heart palpitations/flutters

. Left arm/jaw/back pain

Dizziness when standing up or eating large meals and palpitations after eating heavy meals

. Tachycardia and arrhythmia ad sometimes heart drops low

Palpitations in stomach near chest

. Shaking and constant over thinking

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Hi had quite a few of those symptoms to especially the palpitations and odd pains in chest and weird sensations in stomachs.how long you had anxiety for ? Does it come and go over the years ? The reason I ask is I have had mine off and on for over 40 yrs some years I've been anxiety free .then when I have something happen in my life it can start up again.but I am plodding through a bad day today,but will be better tom.

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I've only had it for about 7mnths it used to be really bad like panicked attacks I've only had like 5panic attacks but now it's starting to get better I hardly have any sugary foods processed or high in saturated fat and eat 5a day it helps but I still get everything most of the time I Don know the last time I felt normal and get better soon :)


Thank you stay positive I am always telling myself its just anxiety .I know it can be difficult to cope with it some days but try not to over think it all just accept you might get a few bad days but plenty of great days to.


You'll get through this if doctors said its anxiety it will be doctors rushed me to hospital because of my ecg we I was anxious at the time my heart was fast an irregular and son as I got hospital had another ecg which was normal it's scary even to them haha


Hello, that's all the signs of anxiety....ughhhh I can't wait till we all get better!

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They better soon


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