Horrible Nightmares about Death

Hi everyone, I'm new pretty new here. I have a terrible health&death anxiety since April. I am just graduated and will have nothing to do until August, have a trauma about bomb terror that killed my cousin and also have a family problem about religion.

I think about death a lot. Like every minutes, everything I do, I think about death in my mind. Its been 6 times I had a nightmares about death. I dreamt about someone is telling me I'm going yo die (3 times) also about graveyard.

Do u guys think this is really a sign or this is just my monkey mind trying to make me terrified?

I really need someone to talk to and assure me that I am going to be ok.

I refuse to take meds, I also already talked to my therapists and she said this is just trauma.

Thanks a lot. *waiting for your replies

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  • Francine23. Believe in your therapist. I don't believe in nightmares being a sign of death however the trauma you have gone through with your cousin's death as well as a family problem are weighing heavy on your mind. When you fall asleep, your subconscious is still experiencing your innermost fears that you play over in your mind every day. And so it comes out as a nightmare.

    I really believe in talking with your therapist, you can rid yourself of these fears instead of holding those thoughts deep inside you. They need to be expressed, taken apart and discussed in order to rid yourself of these terrifying nightmares. Once you feel safe in your own mind and body, your nightmares will go away. x

  • Hi Agora.

    Yes, I hope so. I read some articles talking about how anxious people tend to have more nightmares. And it is also make sense that what's in my mind will appear in my dream especially when I think about it a lot.

    I will try to trust my therapist more.

    Thank u so much for your reply.


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