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Blood pressure??

When they discharged me from the ER my bp was 102/60 I was thinking wow that's low. But they didn't say anything...they just sent me on my way.

So otw home I stopped and ate something hopefully it was just that I hadn't eaten in awhile on top of taking my klonopin.

It automatically got me thinking what if I'm bleeding internally and they don't know...

They just gave me a gi cocktail that's it

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Elizabeth04, according to Blood Pressure UK a reading of 102/60 is considered within the range 'ideal blood pressure' which means 90/60 or above. So your second reading is marginal but it is nothing to worry about, lots of people have bp below that figure and it is normal for them and carries a lower risk of stroke and heart disease. Only if you experience symptoms with the low blood pressure do doctors consider it necessary to intervene.

You have absolutely no reason to worry about an internal bleed as you have no symptoms to indicate this and your doctors will have considered this. You are no more likely to have an internal bleed than anybody else on this forum.

So do relax, you"re likely to live to be 100 and that'd a long time to worry unnecessarily☺


Thank you.

I guess I'd rather see it lower than high. I appreciate your good advice as always, thank for helping me


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