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Hi everyone I've tried so much to talk to people but nobody seems to know how I'm feeling :( I Am sick off feeling detached from relaity I have no appetite when I eat I gag I'm forever yawning and air hungry and really tearful in the mornings even thought about suicide :( I had a ecg the other day and they said my heart and blood pressure are fine. I'm currently on day 3 off citalopram. any help would be welcome


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  • Hello Tinker, I hope you are okay. I'm sorry to hear about those struggles. I want you to know you are not alone. I am also fighting your battle.

    You know Tinker, you still got 3 days when you start taking your meds; As what some good people in here told me, it is normal to feel that, and I did feel that too before, I felt like I got no feelings no more, I feel like my heart is empty, they told me too, about giving my medicine time, then they were right! Our medicine needs time. I am taking anti-depressant too, IDK but I got lots of questions inside my head, esp. before; I got diagnosed with GAD + Depression last April 2017, tsk! I am still new! Hehe.

    You know Tinker, everytime my roughdays hits me, automatically I got no appetite to eat, and I can't sleep, but thank God I got to manage to put inside my head about the fact that I need to eat or else I will be really sick soon, so what I did was, ate by the help of water to push the food, or cooked soup to help me swallow my food, believe me, I really got 0 appetite, then again I visited my psychiatrist then reported to her my logs or journal, thru that my doctor evaluated well my condition; Are you keeping a log or journal too? I am using online app too so that my logs will be easy like what I am using "Feartools". You know you really need to trust your doctor,your meds, yourseld, and esp. the man upstairs. Sigh...Hope you are feeling okay...plss do fight! Lets fight together! You are not alone! God bless

  • Keep fighting !!!! Take the pill the doc gave you An give it it's time to work !! Don't give up you got this

  • Ayt! Lets fight!

  • Thank you so much! I will

  • Your words literally brung tears To my eyes don't worry good years lol. Thank you so much! I really do want to keep going my heart is my biggest worry but I can run around and dance without feeling like I can't breathe so that's a good Sign isn't it? Just sick off feeling detached all the time so draining :(.

  • Yep! If your results were all normal meaning you are okay! 😊 We just need to train our mind not to fear or be anxious about what we feel sometimes, VERIFY it first before we think, haha those are words from my doctor πŸ˜‚ She understood me about the fact that it is so easy to say yet so hard to apply, so she told me, since we are still new to this disorder, we are just taking baby steps...then hopefully soon we can master it 😊 Lets just be positive 😊 Tell me if you wanna talk! Just PM me 😊 God bless

  • Thank you kind off had a terrible day then I decided to run and just keep running and touched every bush tree and leaf I passed πŸ˜‚ Regretted it after as had a massive headache but the detachment went for a whole 5 minutes and it was nice :) I will message you shortly just going to make a milk shake and read my little one her book :)

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