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Help please

I wake up having the worst anxiety and always feel like I'm not good enough. Like everyone is better than me because I have all these dark, disturbing thoughts and they don't. And also feel envious cause they can enjoy life and not have to worry about all this and i wake up every day feeling extremely depressed because I don't feel normal because of these thoughts, I feel sick all the time. I just wish I knew someone who had this problem too... I feel so alone :(

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Hi lostgirl I have had that for 10 years now and it's not nice to hear and you may think I've heard it all before but it will get better. I used to think I was the only one out there that had these symptoms but there are loads of us. It's nice to talk to other people who can understand what we are going through rather than trying to explain it to someone who doesn't understand. Good luck and if you get lonely write on here someone will alway write back and give you someone to talk to. Your not alone.

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Thank you so much, I know it's kinda lame cause it's through a website but just knowing I have all this support from people I don't even know that want to help me means the world to me. Thank you so much for making feel like I'm not alone, it helps me so much.


Agreed with Kier, you're never alone. Anxiety at first sounds horrible, but it does get better with team, extremely quickly with good support and quality of mind. Do you feel like this all day or is this just in the morning? Some people find it to be worse at night, and some in the morning. There are many people that feel like that, and the sad truth is that many of those people don't realise there is help out there! Most people won't talk about it, but anxiety is a real illness, and like most illnesses can be cleaned up. Don't bottle it to yourself, or it will get worse. You might find it helpful talking to your friends about it, or the doctor.


I find that it gets worse when I'm going to sleep and waking up cause those are the times where it's kinda just me and my thoughts but the morning is definitely worse because I wake up scared to face the day or face anyone really and I also wake up scared that my thoughts are gonna ruin my day or get worse, I'm trying to talk about it but am not really ready to open up about what exactly I'm thinking about cause I feel it's so weird and horrible, I'm kind of scared to talk about it. But I am going to be seeing a psychologist that I had from when I was 4 to when I was 14 (I'm 18 now) so I'll definitely have more comfort seeing someone whose known me so long that they know I'm not weird and won't judge me so hopefully I can open up about it soon. Thank you so much for all the support though, it means the world to me and really is helping :)


You have to remember this, and I really mean this, it's not weird, and it's horrible for you personally, but no one wants to see you suffer, even yourself doesn't want that. I know it's scary to talk about it, but take the leap and be open. People will do their best to understand, not everyone will, but some will. Keep your close friends close, get them together if you must and tell them your personal battle. If you're not really a going out person, joining a hobby group might help. Don't give up, and remember, anxiety isn't always crippling. We do win the fight, and it may seem like we won't, but we do; always.


Thank you so much, your words of encouragement have given me so much hope that things will get better :)


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