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Please help me?

Hello my name is Steve.

This is rather difficult for me to make this this post but if i can find out why this happens to me and what it is i might be able to finally deal with it.

Sometimes i get really horrible feelings. i don't feel normal and when they come on full blown it can make it difficult to function properly and get through the day. I cry a lot and i am very unhappy. It can take days to shake these off completely before i start feeling like my usual self, a really bad episode can last over a week.

These feelings are triggered and various things can set them off at any time. I am suffering an episode at the moment triggered by problems with sleep over last few days due to a neighbour i am very anxious and scared about going to bed. It has been 16 months since i have had an episode as bad as this l athough i have had a few minor ones since then.

I usually know when an attack is coming cause i start to get these mild feelings and then they start to get worse.

Over the past six years i have had attacks brought on by job interviews, a trip to the dentist. About 15 years ago these feeling were only triggered by the workplace but now various other things can trigger them off.

these feelings are so horrible and i feel physically drained after a really bad episode.

Symptoms are...

Bad negative horrible feelings


loss of appitite.

Feeling unhappy,

Changes in behaviour, can become irrational.

Scared frightened.

Physical symptons i sometimes get with it are..


Clenching of fists tightly

Sweaty lips


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Steve I can literally hear and feel your sincere cry for help....and gosh it saddens me to know that you are affected in such a way by anxiety. Have you been diagnosed with anxiety and depression? How long have you been struggling with these episodes? Just want a more in depth view off your life if thats okay? I have been suffering with anxiety for 5 years now, 4 of them was just unbearable. I was scared felt alone trapped in someone elses mind and body feeling unreal most of the time. I was this fun party girl once and just like that with no warning it all changed. I have learned to cope with my anxiety well don't like to label myself with this but I know its beatable.


I have not been properly diagnosed with depression or anxiety. I tend to find Doctors a bit unhelpful. When the attacks happen i do eventually recover. Depression tends to be a long term thing, so i think its more to do with anxiety. Mild attacks usually a couple of days but a more severe one can take about a week till 10-days to recover fully.

I first noticed i had a major problem when i started work with marks and Spencers in 2001. Up until i started i was very happy as i had a spell out of work and was pleased to now have employment with a great company. as the first day started i had an attack the feelings started and got worse and worse leaving me wanting to walk out of the job that i had put a lot of effort into getting. I did not but i went through a week of hell before these feelings went. However its not the first time it happened, i had it with my first two jobs but its only with Marks and Spencers that i realised i had a problem.

The same happened with my next job and i felt like killing myself. Up until about 2008-2009 it was only the issue of work that was causing these attacks but then other things started to trigger them. A trip to the dentist caused an attack, various issue with neighbours have caused them. In 2013 in had my worst attack ever brought on simply because i had a bad night with a very nasty cough and cold. I had just recovered from that attack and the cold when a second attack happened weeks later, i cannot call exactly what triggered it all i know i had another very bad night sleep for some reason. I had a huge battle with my GP to prescribe something to help me sleep, despite telling him not sleeping was triggering the attacks and when i started to sleep properly the feelings would go.

My first ever attack was in 1996 when i started my first ever job.


Citalopram can have nasty side effects and one of those is inability to sleep, which i am struggling to do so at the moment.


yup i got exactly that happen to me you dont need that i take a very small dose of triazolam and that does it for me Citalopram was an absolute nightmare


yes thats true


Steve, you seem to be very intuitive about your symptoms being caused by anxiety and or depression. Did you know that lack of REM sleep can cause many disturbing symptoms? The body needs to go into that deep relaxing sleep in order to regenerate. I am hoping you find a way to deal with that problem which may lower or eliminate some of your crying, anxiety and anger.


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