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Help please?


Trying to sleep but can't had the same issue last night and slept at 6 am. Basically I feel like while I'm about to dose of that very moment I jolt up awake again feeling like I'm shutting down like I'm just turning of I get goosebumps at the same time and feel like I stop breathing too, this happens 5-6 times before I just go sleep. It is horrible I feel so scared I try deep breathing and listening to meditation music but it keeps happening. Any advice please. And also I haven't been feeling anxiety for quite a while but I still have these weird symptoms and then I panic, is it still anxiet?

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I know its easier said than done ......Try not to think about it happening because our minds play tricks onus and we almost make it happen if you know what I mean.What worked for me was listening to a sleep hypnosis app though earphones.I would get comfy in bed and just concentrate on the voice 9 timesout0f 10 I would drift off tosleep and if I woke up I would play it again.Now I dont need the app xx

It's a perfectly 'normal' anxiety symptom ahmed. I have bouts of it as do many others. In fact there's another post almost asking the same question on here at the moment.

I find reading helps me get dozy and then if I have a 'jolting session' I don't try and sleep I sit up and read instead.

As Sharben says don't think about, or expect it to happen or it will. I've been there and know it only too well.



I had exactly what you described while l was in hospital for something else.They said it was HYPNIC JERK or SLEEP APNEA. It turned out to be hypnic jerk which is not at all serious.It is in effect a result of anxiety.

Please check it out with your GP but it is nothing to worry about.


Hey Ahmed, I had the same issue and I think its important that you know and recognise you are not alone and many of us have the same problem when trying to sleep. The best thing you could have done is talk about what is happening to you, so many people close up and dont talk to anyone and continue living an unhappy life! I went to the doctors and all he did was prescribe me pills to help me relax / sleep at night. The pills made me feel like a zombie. I was still having trouble sleeping as the pills made me even more paranoid and lifeless, not what I wanted to achieve! I just wanted to sleep and feel at ease - but the pills made me feel like I had no energy, and I felt worse than before. You should talk to someone, someone you can trust, the best medicine is talking!! You will be surprised what comes out and how much better you feel! I spoke to a councillor and I also joined ARM (Anxiety Rebalance Method) with Carl Sheppard. ARM has helped me so much and I just want to shout from the roof tops and let everyone know how much better I feel! Hope you can talk to someone about how you feel! x ;-))

I had the same thing when I first started having panic attacks - unable to stay asleep for more than a few minutes. I started doing reduced breathing exercises (basically taking small, steady and slow breaths - see Patrick McKeown's book) - I have been able to sleep since I started doing these exercises.

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