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hey everyone so i would like to ask a question if anyone doesnt mind what do you think ?

So lately i been laying down in bed and when i get up i get this pressure feeling up my neck like i cant relax my head and beck like im jerking my neck when it happen and feel like im holding in my breath with out knowing should i see a docter about it its like my neck like a pressure or get tite going up my neck then i could feel my heart in my throat beating hard and fast a bit its just wierd what happening to me also my legs hurt alot and back im just toerd honestly these nerves really need some rest and always thinking like i have a heart problem aswell even doe alot of docters said im fine saw two cardiologist said im fine but i dont know for some reason i feel like i have heart issues and sooner or later something bad might happen really bad because of this i get these chest pains and spasms all over my body this is annoying already i cope and fight this everyday but now its about tiering having this daily and also another thing thats stuck in my mind when the docter said i have a bit of arrythmia but not a dangerous one i just been thinking like i might die from arrythmia hopefully all this goes away and i get back to normal but i doubt it 6 months i think its never gonna go away its been to long already aswell and still no cure all because of that dumb weed i smoked that one day this is crazy wow i made a wrong mistake and i regret im a bit stressed out .

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Hello again Johnnie,

Don't think you really need to see a doctor about this, unless it's your psychiatrist...and if you see your psychiatrist, you know what he'll tell you....Yep, "Johnnie take your meds."


Drink your medicine. You been complaining about the same symptoms for about 3 months or so... since you joined.... drink your medicine and maybe you will get your normal back.


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