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Guys i would like some quick advise of what can do for this

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soo last night i ate some salmon fish with out anybones or anything i dont know i still feel like i have some food in my throat its been bothering me when i swallow a bit i try to throw up to get it out but it doesnt come out at all i drank some water but still sense last night till now im feeling it still in my throat

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I would see ur doc but dont panic if they say its clear. There is a type of anxiety which causes your throat to feel that way. Ihad it as a child x

but i dont know what should i say that i was eating food and when i swallow i feel like i have a piece of food still there i think they might look at me and laugh or something i been trying to get out myself but it womt come out and i been drinking water and even a can of soda to see if it goes down but sill nothing its like i can feel it there

Hey docs are there to help. You are 'what iffing'. Stick to the facts and dont over think it. Step 1 get checked out

Step2 if clear,accept it

If not, they will help you.

Step3 take deep breaths and give yourself a pat on the back 😀

yeah its not to the point i cant breath its just there and its bothering my throat when i swallow

Try coughing loads or look inside your throat? Drink plenty water try get it down too. Good luck.

its been there sense last night i been trying to get it out but its like it wont come out at all and i did try i dont see nothing but i could feel it in my throat like probably because i was eating to fast and im drinking soda right now to see

Try eating aswell to try bring it down sounds annoying :/

yeah it is annoying im trying not to panic then i start feeling like i cant breath i just wanna run out or call the abulance its just there when i swallow its not in the middle of my throat its like sort of in the side of my throat right side

Go see a doc before ya damage ya throat!! Dont dig around in case you hurt yourself!!! Try to relax...😀

if it continues i im goinglater if its doesnt leave

Johnnie, I could bet there is no food stuck in your throat since last night. Trying to throw up to relieve that feeling doesn't work because there is no food in your throat. The fact that water and a can of pop went down well means your throat is clear of any obstruction. What you are feeling has a lot to do with your panic in the car yesterday. It left your throat muscles tight making it feeling as if there is something lodged there. There is not, trust me. You will be okay. Drink something warm and let it help relax those tight muscles..Try getting your mind on something else. You can breathe okay, you can swallow okay because you are okay. :)

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Anxietyfree in reply to Agora1

I agree Agora but i feel it a doc says its clear then theres no doubt and relaxation will help to calm this symptom. I had similar probs after choking on food as a child

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Johnnie1234 in reply to Agora1

you think so because after i ate i start feeling its in the right side on my throat not in the middle and when i swallow i could feel

something is there i try to get it out but its like it wont go up at all and i drank a little bit of water and dran a can of soda but still

Could be a tonsil stone

whats that ?

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Agora1 in reply to Johnnie1234

Johnnie, you need to do what you feel is needed at this time. If it's painful, if you have other symptoms then set an appointment up to see your doctor. With your history of severe anxiety, it's sometimes hard to distinguish the difference between a physical issue vs an emotional one. Let us know..

Nothing to worry about!!!😋

Its when food particles can get caught in scarred tonsils. A doc can remove them or you can if you can see them by using a few calming breaths and a cotton wool bud.... But dont worry ☺

yeah because im a little worried and at the moment i cant go to the ER

Right lets calm you can breathe? Yes, you can eat and drink? Yes so take some slow breaths..... I must admit that whenever i get a physical sensation that could be a problem that first thing i do is calming breaths for five mins.....this way i know if its a problem or touch if stress ir worry. Nearly everytime its that ive not watched my stress levels and i need to be calm. I love it.....give it a yourself.x

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Mumof347 in reply to Johnnie1234

Hi Jonnie

You may be causing more distress for yourself and will get a sore throat, try not to panic have some good advice here take it on board and decide what you need to do :-)

it sounds to me as if bone has scratched your throat.... Eat a chunk of bread if bone still there will move it...

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