Quick middle chest pains scary

Ugh I hate these sharp pains in my chest. I've been really stressed so I just assume it's my heart even though over been to THREE cardiologists who say I'm fine plus I worked out yesterday. Anyone else have this issue? I took tums and it helped. My father is really sick and I guess I was afraid the stress would give me a heart attack.


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  • Ya I used to have that issue before I got on anxiety medication. I ended up going to the ER on 4 to 8 occasions convinced something was wrong with my heart and/or body. They did a number of tests and as you can probably guess I was physically healthy. I would recommend maybe getting on medication for your anxiety if your not during this difficult time; I would say, from experience, this is definitely because of the anxiety.

  • Do you have reflux/ heartburn / indigestion. That what causes mine.

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