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Chest Pains & Palpitations

Hi everyone. I have been suffering really bad for the past 3 days... I have chest pain (not sharp) more like tightness and aching all over my chest area, right and left side that radiates to my upper back. I have seen a cardiologist 2 days ago, went to the ER yesterday, and they all tell me I'm fine, but the pain is still there. It feels like my upper body is being crushed and my palpitations are so much worse than what I usually have. My heart doesn't stop pounding (beats really hard not fast) all day and it feels like it skips at least every minute. Whatever position I put myself in the pain doesn't go away. I'd like to know what your opinions are or if anyone else is suffering from something like me? I don't know what to do anymore, I feel hopeless.

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Hi sammyrom, considering you were seen by a cardiologist as well as having gone to the ER, I would say the problem is most likely stemming from muscular tension of the chest wall. The upper chest muscles get so tight from our fears that the pain tends to radiate into the back as well. The heart pounding and palps are likely coming from your anxiety over the chest pains. So you can see how that circle of fear and pain is completed. What would be good to do is to use some heat therapy on your upper back. A heating pad or rubbing ointment. The cooling peppermint pain reliever will help relax those muscles and in turn will lessen the hard heart beats. Using relaxation techniques and deep breathing will also help quiet the muscles down. Hope this helps some. You did the right thing by seeing a doctor first. Now the ball is back in your court. Time to calm down and relax. You'll be okay..


That is what the doctor in the emergency room said. I have never felt this kind of pain before, it hurts so bad. I have an appointment with a family doctor for a second opinion on Monday so we will see. I just don't know how I'm going to get through the weekend, the pain is so bad. I do the warm compresses which helps a bit. I will give the relaxation technique a try. Thank you very much!


Oh man I'm literally going through this as we speak. Freaks me out so bad


I'm so sorry you're going through this too! It feels like I'm in a nightmare and I just want to wake up!



I have been utilizing breathing and Vinyasa Yoga exercises to get me back to concentrating on my whole body at once. This usually takes my focus off of my pain, anxiety, and any Ill feelings.

I really like this You Tube 6 hour Tibetan Singing Bowl meditation. Obviously, I only do this for about 15 to 20 minutes when using it as a Cognitive Behavior tool to quiet anxiety and panic attack related issues.

My preference is to sit on a firm chair, feet flat on the floor, hands resting palm up on each knee. Close your eyes but don't squeeze them shut... just closed. Make sure your spine is held up strong and correctly postured. Close your eyes and pay attention to your breathing. You should be more aware of the fact that you are in fact breathing, more than the length of each breath. Try and stay in a rhythmic pattern that is steady but not fast.

With eyes remaining closed, try and envision a clearing energy. It could be a bright white light from God or Source, a blue light from the Medicine Buddha, or maybe it's just a feeling or image. Now you'll concentrate on each part of your body separately.

First draw awareness to your top of your head (crown), slowly going down to your forehead (third eye), now to your eyebrows and eyelids. Continue to your nose and cheeks. Notice the sensations at each point while deliberately honing in on that spot. Follow to your mouth, chin, throat, and shoulder blades. Starting on one arm, follow the energy down thru your bicep, elbow, forearm, wrist, palm, and each finger. Follow the same instructions for the opposite limb if able.

Now focus the cleansing energy on your shoulder blades again, moving down to your chest, clavicle, abdomen, stomach, and groin. Continue sensing the energy pushing the toxins and tension down one leg, into the quad and hamstring, knee joint, calf and shin, into your ankle bone, and all the way to your toes. Picture this energy passing into the ground. The tension continue to leave your body and is released back into the soil for further cleansing. Do this for each leg if able. You should have kept your eyes closed the entire time. Each segment you pass thru should have at leasthma 1 minute per point.

Once the entire body has been released of tension and toxins, just sit and regain your awareness of each breath. After a few minutes, start to wiggle your fingers, toes, arms, legs, slowly move your head, shoulders, and neck. Open your eyes and adjust to your surroundings. You should gradually get up as you may experience momentary balance issues.

I also have started practicing breathing and balance with the Warrior Salutation poses, each movement fluid. Great for core strengthening, balance, and being in your present self. Warrior pose 1 and 2 should do it... inhale on W1 and exhale holding W2. Reverse pose to do opposite sides.

Hope you like these techniques and could understand what I was attempting to convey .... :) Happy Thanksgiving


It sounds like you've been thoroughly assessed. I expect your cardiologist has given you a reason for the chest pains. What did they say it was?

The most likely would seem to be muscle and rib pain.

How old are you?

Why do you say you feel hopeless, when you have been reassured that it is not serious?

Do you suffer from health anxiety?


He did not give me a reason, he just said that he was sure it was not my heart. I'm a female and I'm 23 years old. I do suffer from health anxiety, my heart as been a major concern for me these past few years, I don't know why or what triggered it but my symptoms are getting worse and worse :(


so that really means that there is absolutely no way that this can be anything to do with your heart. So why do you persist in believing there is a heart problem? This is what you want to try and understand.

Do you know of someone of your age who had a problem?

Is there some other reason?

It is likely to get worse if you continue to revisit your anxiety about it - the more you think and write about it the less likely it is to settle. One small shift of the mind to think about it differently will ensure it settles.


I always tell myself that they missed something and that I'm going to die any second. It's a constant thought in my mind. I think about it everyday, especially when I have bad symptoms. I do know someone my age who recently had heart problems so maybe that is making my situation worse.


But do you know of someone your age who had problems that were not diagnosed on seeing a cardiologist and having normal investigations?


So give me any reason why you should still be worried?


I'm so sorry to hear you are suffering like this Please be reassured if they say there is nothing wrong

You say it's been a concern for a few years but you are still here still ok Your heart is a really strong organ and the doctors don't miss things Keep reassuring yourself they have told you it's ok

Palpitations are very common with anxiety

Try to do relaxation techniques whenever you can and day by day you will feel better and it will go

I have a heart problem so please believe me they don't miss things in these tests

You take good care lots of lovely calming breaths x


Good that any physical issues with your heart have been ruled out. I experienced similar issues myself in 2015, especially the heart pounding, etc. I was checked out and deemed to be all ok. Later I was diagnosed with anxiety and some depression. These symptoms can occur as part of a stress related illness - if you suffer from anxiety in any form, it's amazing how much the mind can make us feel physically unwell.

Try the meditation exercise above. If you can do something similar to this daily, you will feel the benefits. Also try some regular exercise - this is another way of 'cleansing' the body. Try to adopt a positive state of mind (I know this is hard to just turn on) but if we can look at life through love's gaze, it gives us a platform toward recovery.

Wishing you well x


Anxiety is ruining my life honestly. So many physical symptoms that make my mind go crazy, I always think the worse. Thank you for your reply, exercising daily is something I will start doing, I hope it makes a difference. Xx


Do you start belching as trapped wind can give similar symptoms to a heart attack if so drink peppermint cordial regularly as this can help


Awww my God I am the same atm had to go the Dr's yesterday he said it was safe to say I wasn't going to have a heart attack lol .... but ur constantly thinkin of it and ur adrenaline and tension stems from your chest as well so u tense up even when ur sleeping which could be the problem with the pain hope that helps


It's the worse :( especially over thinking about it makes it so much worse. I think I just have to stop thinking about it and distract myself as much as I can. I hope you get better soon!


I'm a 23 year old female, with no history of heart problems in my family, and I have exactly your symptoms too. I've had blood tests, an ECG and a chest x-ray and the doctors assured me my heart and lungs are fine. I've had palpitations and stabbing pain as long as I can remember but I've never really worried about them before, until I had my first panic attack nearly three months ago and since then I've had constant chest tightness, stabbing pains, crushing pain, palpitations, trouble breathing, dizziness, etc.

My advice is try not to google! I am pretty sure I'm only feeling "crushing" pain because I read it is a symptom of a heart attack. Anxiety can make you feel any symptom at all, especially if it's something you're worried about. I am only just starting to accept that my heart is absolutely fine, and all these sensations are created by my anxiety about my health and my great fear of pain and death. What helps me is trying to think "Okay, so what? I'm hurting right now but I've survived this far, so I'm doing all right." I'm also trying online cognitive behavioural therapy which is helping me recognise when i have anxious or negative thoughts and what to do about them.

I really hope you can find some comfort and peace soon!

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It saddens me that so many other people are suffering like I am but at the same time it's kind of comforting knowing I'm not the only one... we are the same age and our situation is so much alike. Googling symptoms is the worst thing you can do yet I always find myself doing it every single day. Thanks for your reply I hope your situation gets better!


It sounds like it could be stress or anxiety. Like right this minute I'm sick with a Cold and some times I feel like I can't breath but as I slow my mind down my breathing comes back. Just need to tell yourself your fine and take deep breaths. If you think that it is something worse, I'd talk to family,friends or therapist of some sort .


I guess I need to get out my head... I think too much and there's absolutely nothing good that can come out of that, just worry and that makes things so much worse. Thank you for your reply!


Never focus on the thought, distract yourself


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