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sharp Pain in the middle of my chest

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i have this sharp pain that happens in the middle of my chest sometimes i have no idea what it is it probably comes once a month i think but it kinda hurt for a sec and then goes away i wasn't having this pain before my panic attack which was in June of 2016 but it scares me when the pain comes on does anyone have any answers to this im only 16 and idk

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Hi Jamescrider2, it's been a while since we've seen you on the forum..That kind of sharp pain that only lasts for a second sounds more like a gas/air bubble. Sometimes acidity can cause that feeling as well. You're young and I doubt if it is any serious but always best to ask your doctor. Can you associate it with any food or drink since it only happens about once a month??

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yea i can it happen last night i was having bad acid going on and thats when the pain happened

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Let your doctor know James, that can be easily remedied. Feel better x

Ok and thank u agora1

My doctors kept telling me my chest pains were muscle pains. Last month, I went to 3 different hospitals with very VERY bad chest pains. I looked it up and the symptoms I had were similar to Angina. Yet, all hospitals told me it's muscle pain. I hope your pains turn out to be just musculoskeletal pains too and nothing serious. I think we are going through alot of stress too that could be it aswell. I had x rays and scans and they found nothing.

it just hurts in the middle of my chest a bit it took away my breath a lil i think but thats what ima do

But i think this pain is due to my acid reflux

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