is this anxiety or something more serious?

almost everyday i feel like im on the boat/elevator. the swaying/rocking sensation always came in everytime im worried(worried all the time). also im very conscious about what i feel then when im focusing on it, the symptoms become worse! i feel like passing out!

i hate this. sometimes i want to give up. i don't want to live like this. i'm also scared because when i googled the symptoms -it shows all about the scary disease!!


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  • I think you know it's anxiety for one reason or another for you. You asked if the feeling was anxiety or something serious. Anxiety is serious. Don't think it isn't. Please stop looking on the internet to find something more "serious" that has the same symptoms.

    Again anxiety is serious enough, but guess we think if we can find something that can be fixed by surgery, that means we really don't have anxiety, and if we have surgery our anxiety will go away. Surgery just feels easier than dealing with anxiety. :)

  • Sadly there are a lot of people including myself that have they very same symptoms. And most have us had many check ups and tests done by our doctors . I'm sorry you feel like shit . We all do . Better days are to come . What PSTD said is the stone cold truth. I'll probably be reading that over and over again .

  • I get this, it feels like a "wave" runs through my brain and I become slightly disorientated, it's a terrifying feeling as I never knew when to expect it

  • Yes. Its anxirty. Vertigo and also inner ear can cause the symptoms but it is usually anxiety related. I hope it goes away. Usually it does. Keep going!

  • last month i went to ENT and he told that i have no vertigo. The problem is in my neck,i hav muscle strain that causes the nerves pinched, i always have stiff probably that is the reason why i feel this.

  • jackf4, it most likely is the reason you feel that way. I have neck issues plus tight muscles. I carry my stress in my neck and shoulders. I too use to feel as if I were in a boat swaying to and fro or on a trampoline. There were times that I would look down at the sidewalk because I swore it was giving into my every step. Our neck helps stabilize us as we walk, so having a neck problem can throw our balance off. It does get better in time by knowing what causes our problem as well as working to eliminate some of the tightness.

  • i think doctor told me that if dizzy is still there he will give me maintenance medicine or a therapy.but he believes that i dont need bcoz im still 24yrs old,

    i also noticed that when im anxious or focusing to swaying sensation,the symptoms bcome u think i also have anxiety?or it's just the neck issue.

  • jackf4, I think you can't help but have both. A neck issue and anxiety. One hinges on the other. Sometimes medicine when you are already feeling off balance can make it worse. What does or can help is physical therapy. They can also teach you ways to reduce the tight neck muscles at home. Also proper alignment is important. Remembering to sit and stand straight w/o the neck pushed forward.

  • i have had panic attacks 2months ago also because​ of this.and Yes exactly that's what my doctor said i should sit and stand straight to stop the wrong posture. thanks to you agora :) now i need to stop google searching that makes me more anxious and confuse.

  • Anxiety is serious in the sense of being able to plant fear in our bodies and give us very real physical symptoms of something life threatening when we have nothing that is actually physically wrong.

    Googling the symptoms is our enemy I've stayed away from googling symptoms for months I just don't want to give my mind any more juice to continue making me fear my life . This is super hard it really is but we can do this, one day at a time.

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