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Tummy pain in a mess

Hellloo well it's 3am in the morning I feel like I'm about to explode, not only with bad wind but with stress , back to the wind I feel so bloated it is the wrong time of the month I cannot stop going to the toilet I also think I have a water infection, it's making me feel all weak and funny .is this anxiety or the fact I have an infection I just don't know anymore.Im so sad at the min I'm worried iv got my smear tomo but now will have to cancel has I have got my period arrrrgh what if there is a real problem I'm in strong antibiotics at the min. Keep forgetting to take my vit d & iron.Iv not slept at all so much on my mind. Then iv got a meeting at work first thing that my part timer is wanting to tell me why she can't cope or thinks we are worlds apart she works 2 days I work 5. I just need to get on my holiday but I'm Feeling anxious cos I'm not feeling right. I need something to sleep but I have to be up early in morning and will have to rush about I need to have a sleep aid when I can lay in. I may have to go docs and see if there is anything that will relax my muscles because I feel like a im walking about like a stiff collar shirt at min want to feel relaxed and not like constantly constipated either & back ache. Help binkynoo

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Could it be ur appendix?


I hope you got through the night, I am struggling with anxiety at the moment, I struggle to sleep and feel too sick to eat and too anxious and jumpy to relax. I am on Citalopram already but feel I need something more to help me sleep and relax whilst I am at home. It is sunny today and the sky is blue, which has lifted my mood so as long as I don't think about work I think I will be ok and be able to relax for the first time in weeks and weeks. Let's hope so and I hope that for you too. Take care, let me know how you got on today xx


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