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Having latte in a hotel again.....working on a project :p

Stopped for a coffee before I go at 2pm to complete some voluntary work for a couple of hours....I truly have had to force myself here, I feel like crap!! Feel like a bloody moaner, but it's no good lying can't seem to pull myself out of it, trying so very hard though....

Grateful for this site once again and the lovely people on here...

Never had lows like these before!

Feel I'm a bloody bind to my daughter who is lovely, why should she have to have me around being bloody miserable, I am usually the one making her laugh, now I probably make her cry.

Forwarded my medical note for ESA this morning..not sure how that will work, I had a 12week sanction due with JSA as I left work voluntarily, I'm hoping the sanction is less on ESA....not managed to pack in smoking it's just too much to take on at the minute, but paying for them is not helping my savings....

Hope I feel better for Friday supposed to be going to a friends for her birthday bash..I should go...

Best wishes to all from a peed off with myself sue xxx

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Enjoy the coffee :-) in the present, drink slowly, look around all is well. Leave the worries for later.

give yourself a hug.

Its all good




Thanks B...

Your kind words do help and the fact you understand...



Hi Sue,

I just got myself a cup of coffee, we can drink them together, I'm having a crafty smoke out the window too :-)

Enjoy your day,




You are not alone in your feelings Sue,

I am getting on my own nerves as well as other peoples. I wish, not for the fist time, that I could have an out of body expierience to get away from myself.

I haven't spoken to my daughter since Friday as I don't want to bring her mood down with my worries.

I get ESA, I had no problems and I quit my job so hopefully you'll be rolling in it soon, lol, if only eh :-)

Have fun on your mission, cue MI music. This woman will not self destruct in 10 seconds :-)


That brought a smile to my miserable face LOL

Yes I just feel like getting away from myself too, good to know I'm not alone...

Thank you, so appreciate the comments



Glad to be of secret service.

Think I was a Russian spy in previous life,

Kanya Takeyernikersov lol :-) x


cookster... you always make me laugh......x


Yeah Im with you both there......... Im getting sick of myself too............

Sue your promotion is going so well............. dont forget that!!

catch you later for the goss.............



Well done for the coffee and voluntary work x


Thank you Eta



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