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All I want is peaceful sleep and to wake up

I suffer from this thing and I don't know what it is. At first it was hard going to sleep and staying asleep and it would happen every now and then . Then when I would go to sleep I'd wake up withstand a gasp for air or a scream or I would jump out of my bed because I thought I was Dying because that's exactly what it felt like. For a while I didn't tell anyone bc I didn't want my folks to worry but one day I I broke down and told my mom, u didn't give her all of the details I only told her I couldneed sleep or stay all sleep. The doctor proscribed Melatonin it's a natural sleep aid non addictive. But I would take it and it worked for awhile but on night the thing came back and I was scared to take the medicine be in my mind Ifor the medicine helps me sleep and the thing comes right when I start sleeping good I won't be able to save my self so I stopped taking it and I won't take any thing that will make me sleep cold meds etc. It stared well first appeared when I was in the 7th grade I think but didn't get bad until my junior year. I took a year in college and my room mate used to be scared for me because of my scream when it would come. So I started trying to cough when I felt it in steady software scream or call my self down as it eased up. Btw I some times talk in my sleephone but I wake up bc I hear me talking so idk why but I've been saying Ok to cope or if it's too much I'll scream it. I don't want to worry my mom. The feeling is like my lungs are being deflated, like I'm not pulling in enough air or like I stop breathing all together. I would even shake my leg as I would try to sleep so I could sleep with and be awake didn't work but it's like it kept the thing away, I keep calling it a thing because I don't know what it is and it scares the shit out of me I didn't think I would see the age of 20. The thing got so aggressive that Ithe would happen multiple times a night. And the daytime was the only time I had peace it at access very time I sleep

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Sleep Apnea

You need to have your doc arrange for a sleep study


I suffered like that from my teens until last November and I will be 68 next month. All my life I had sleep apnea where you stop breathing momentarily during the night and after a few seconds wake up with a start when you start breathing again and you often feel you are disoriented and even unsure where you are in a panic. It is fairly common but years ago when it happened to me people were not as aware of it as they are today. I always snored so my parents had my tonsils and adenoids out as a child thinking that was the problem. After a lifetime of high blood pressure etc.,finally a doctor had the cop on to send me for a sleep test to confirm what it was. I now have to use a breathing machine all night every night. I only have it 2 months and it does take a bit of getting used to but it is worth it in the long run as you finally get a nights sleep and no waking up thinking you are suffocating. Do go to your dr. and have it checked out and don't spend a lifetime like me suffering with it and the added complication of high blood pressure.


Sleep anxiety is what it sounds like

For some reason I was having this bad for the last few weeks about a while ago and I would sleep good but if I woke up to use the bathroom and tried to go back to sleep my body would go into panic and I would be afraid of going to bed...

I dealt with this a few years back and I guess it comes and goes depending on my levels of stress.

Try drinking some sleepy time tea or soothing and relaxing tea before bed to help take the edge


I will tell your mum everything and go and see a doctor it sounds like you're having sleep anxiety it's when your body has a fear of falling asleep and it tries to keep you awake as much as it can it is a sleeping condition and can be helped with medication but please don't hold anything back from your mum or your doctor tell them everything writing a diary it's the only way you'll get help if you hold things back nobody can help you and it'll just get worse and worse where you'll end up insomniac get it why it's early tell your mum everything and tell the doctor everything because it does sound like you're having sleep panic attack it's also cause sleep paralysis



Hi there

My sister gets this all the time and at nights it's worse not to be sleeping when everyone is.

You can go my link register as a customer and look up healthy's a pill made from all natural herbs Valarian root and hops all good for sleep. You can order it and try it out.

Valarian makes you sleepy and the hops calms you both good for anxiety. A nutritionist told me about it first and I tried it maybe it will work for you too.

Let me know ok.


sorry i'm late but Thanks EVERYONE!


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